A residential neighborhood converting to solar lighting near Bordeaux

A residential neighborhood converting to solar lighting near Bordeaux


The City of Eysines, located in the South-West of France, decided to modernize its housing estates’ public lighting, calling in Sunna Design and its efficient lighting solutions, in the frame of a sustainable and local approach, supported by Citeos.

Aging public lighting in housing estates

Within Bordeaux area, Eysines is a city facing with a general aging problem of its public lighting equipments. In its residential districts, streetlights and a dilapidated underground grid frequently cause power cuts. In order to improve its citizens’ comfort and security, the City wishes to modernize its installations, with the objective of lighting up one specific housing estate’s road and sidewalk.

Solar lighting as a refurbishing solution

Current installations include buried cables, making it impossible to replace the public lighting grid without undertaking major civil engineering work. In that respect, solar streetlights appear to be an ideal solution, allowing a quick lighting renovation using the retrofit principles. Sunna Design’s iSSL+ solution is a light and compact product, allowing replacing the lamps while keeping the existing poles in good condition. This all-in-one solar lighting solution installs in less than 5 minutes and is immediately operational.

A reliable and sustainable solution locally produced

Within the criteria of the City of Eysines was the desire to collaborate with local partners, thus working along with Sunna Design and Citeos, a brand from VINCI Energies’ group, supporting cities in their sustainable and smart planning projects. Sunna Design’s solar solutions for public lighting offer a high-performance and economical system, a long-term investment for a clean and efficient lighting.

 Thanks to its partnership with Sunna Design and Citeos, Eysines’ city regained a quality public lighting service, for a secured housing estate.

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Lighting power
1,600 to 2,800* lumens
10 W to 25* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

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Car park solar lighting

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