Solar Lighting At Al Zaatari Refugee Camp

Solar Lighting At Al Zaatari Refugee Camp

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Area Lighting & Security, Jordan

In December 2012, the Syrian civil war was raging since its start in March 2011. Every night, thousands of civilians were leaving Syria and risking their lives to escape bombings and battles. This has resulted in a massive exodus to neighbouring countries, especially to Jordan.

Éclairage solaire de sécurité

The context

A massive influx of civilians were fleeing to Jordan. The Al Zaatari refugee camp had been welcoming Syrian refugees since the beginning of the conflict.

At this time, around 42 000 refugees were packed under tents provided by the UNHR (United Nations High commissioner for Refugees), and the public lighting system located on the outskirts of the camp could only provide minimal light in a few alleys of the camp.

As the lighting deficit was causing serious safety concerns, the NGO “Electricians without borders” decided to act by installing an efficient solar lighting solution.

The solution

100 iSSL + street lights were selected to illuminate and secure the entire Al Zaatari camp.

Since the refugee camp was a temporary home for a significant number of civilians and was not connected to any grid, it was vital to find an autonomous and powerful lighting solution.

“This light is vital to us. During specific seasons, it is already very dark at the end of the afternoon.

Hariri Ibtissam, a Syrian refugee living on the camp. 

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iSSL Maxi Area

Lighting power
1,600 to 2,800* lumens on each side
20 W to 50* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

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