Eco-lighting grows on trees

Eco-lighting grows on trees

Saumos, France

Autonomous solar lighting finds its way into a designer’s home subdivision in France by recreating the beauty of wooden posts

Respectful housing


In Saumos, southwest France, the Landes de Gascogne pine forest is everywhere. Building houses from wood posts was the construction method of choice long before it became the greenest way of doing things. Here, land developer IMMOSEN designed a subdivision of seven large lots with eco-sensitive families in mind. To compliment the radical design of the seven wood-structured houses, they erected a line of nine custom lamp posts along the 1⁄8-mile frontage road.

Smooth integration


Each of them hosts a Sunna Design Up2 autonomous lighting system to deliver uninterrupted nighttime lighting even during winter storms blackouts. Up2 is the lighting system of choice for custom applications. It’s small footprint allows for the most complex and stylish integrations. The posts themselves are made of galvanized steel to withstand the saline atmosphere coming from the Atlantic ocean beaches a few miles to the west but they are surface finished using sublimation coating to reclaim that grey-brown pinewood natural looks and integrate seamlessly in the surroundings.

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Lighting power
3,200 to 5,600 lumens
20 W to 50 W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Security solar lighting

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