Habaisha village comes back to life thanks to solar lighting

Habaisha village comes back to life thanks to solar lighting

Sunna Design participated to the humanitarian action carried out by Zayed Sustainability Prize, aiming at bringing solutions to areas lacking of essential resources. In Upper Egypt, Habaisha village is deprived of an efficient access to electricity, and this is where solar street lights were installed.

A village of the Asyut Governorate in need of public lighting

In Upper Egypt, the majestic city of Asyut is built along the Nile fertile valley, surrounded by millennia-old monuments. Nearby, Habaisha village lives a whole different reality. Its 3500 residents are deprived of street lights along the main road, only access route to the village for the whole community and location of houses and essential shops. After dark, inhabitants can’t interact anymore, playing outside becomes dangerous for children, and stores are forced to close due to the lack of illumination.

A humanitarian initiative supported by Zayed Sustainability Prize

Sunna Design’s street lights were installed in Habaisha, in the frame of the 20by2020 humanitarian project. United Arab Emirats initiated this action through ZSP, an organization rewarding sustainability solutions. In 2018, Sunna Design won the ZSP Prize, becoming since then one of their trusted partners.


ZSP already contacted Sunna Design on other occasions, and reaffirmed their trust in their solutions to bring light to the village’s main road, lacking of a proper grid to connect to public lighting. Over 50 autonomous iSSL+ street lights were installed, their high-performance LED lights allowing an energy-efficient illumination of the road.


A life changing experience for Habaisha’s residents

With the installation of iSSL+ street lights, residents well-being has been greatly improved, leading to social, economical and environmental benefits. Citizens can socialize again and children are able to play safely at night. The local supermarket and pharmacy can open later in the day, and have already registered higher incomes.


By betting on solar equipments, 20by2020 initiative also chooses a sustainable lighting solution meeting with ZSP objectives, enabled by the technological skills of Sunna Design.



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Up to 164 lm/W

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