Heat-resistant solar solutions

Heat-resistant solar solutions

Solutions solaires résistantes à la chaleur du désert


Today, we want to live in a better world, a more efficient world thanks to solar energy. At Sunna Design, we love working for future generations. We want to illuminate the one billion people who do not have access to light and also help smart cities in their energy-saving strategies.

Proud to be a winner of the Zayed Prize

solar streetlighting

Winning this award was an opportunity for us to send a strong signal to strengthen Sunna Design’s credibility in the renewable energy sector. It has also allowed us to think bigger and increase our commercial reach around the world. The influence of this award will enable us to develop partnerships with decision-makers in the Gulf region and, more particularly, in the United Arab Emirates, which is a strategic market for Sunna Design.

The united arab emirates leadership in renewable energy inspires us

Indeed, the development of these energies is part of a long-term economic and industrial policy, as evidenced by the intention announced in 2017 by the UAE government to invest more than 150 billion dollars in energy diversification.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has confirmed its technological leadership in the field of renewable energies. By hosting the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the UAE is demonstrating its willingness to play a crucial role in scientific cooperation in this field. Similarly, the new city of Masdar is not only a showcase for the country in the area of renewable energies. It is a real outdoor laboratory.
There is, therefore, a real dynamism in the country where we are now a key player. Thanks to its commitment to clean energy, the United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly a stimulating market for us, with the promise of great achievements to come.

Our intelligent and connected iSSL Maxi 4 solar street lights in the city of Masdar

At the tenth annual Zayed Prize award ceremony, Sunna Design announced a partnership with the City of Masdar to conduct a 12-month pilot project. A deployment of “iSSL Maxi 4” solar streetlights for meteorological endurance monitoring!
Like the Zayed Sustainability Prize, Sunna Design is proud to change human lives. Our goal is not to do business with everyone who needs solar street lighting solutions. Our goal is to develop innovative solar street lighting projects with people who believe in what we believe. We challenge the status quo by manufacturing solar street lighting products that are well designed, intelligent, connected, and resistant to extreme heat.

Commenting on the project, Thomas Samuel, President and Founder of Sunna Design, said: “We are extremely proud to partner with the City of Masdar on this pilot project, showcasing the best solar street lights on the market. Thanks to our latest patented battery and on-board electronics technology, the iSSL Maxi 4 is our best-selling road lighting product. It is designed to operate for 10 years without technical maintenance. This 12-month pilot project is part of Sunna Design’s commitment to continuous research and development and the desire to constantly improve our technologies and products for our customers. Sunna Design has implemented many projects with the private sector and government stakeholders in the Gulf States, and this momentum has grown since our victory in the “Zayed Prize” in 2018.”

Lamya Fawwaz, Director of Zayed Sustainability Prize, said: “We are delighted this partnership with Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s leading carbon reduction community. This partnership reflects the Zayed Prize’s commitment to companies like Sunna Design that provide access to clean energy.”

Executive Director of Masdar City, Yousef Baselaib, said: “About a third of Masdar’s electricity needs are covered by solar energy. For an intelligent city, data collection provides a better understanding of the integration of new renewable energy solutions into infrastructure. In this way, we can effectively meet the needs of our residents. To this end, we are delighted to partner with Sunna Design on their weather endurance monitoring project and help them achieve their objectives.

We are all connected hummingbirds, and every day, we do our part to help the world change.

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