Khelus village, Arcachon

Khelus village, Arcachon

Autonomous solar lighting solution for residential village

Khelus Village Lighting Project with Solar Street Lighting Solutions, Gujan Mestras, France

Village Khelus is a residential park located in the Arcachon basin, a few kilometres from the Sunna Design factory. With 20 hectares of small residences in the heart of the Gironde pine forest, the village offers ideal accommodation all year round for holidaymakers or long-term residents.

Éclairage solaire de sécurité

8 x Up1

Context: change an obsolete outdoor lighting network

For safety reasons, the village wanted to remove an obsolete outdoor lighting network. The site only included low-level bollard lighting at each intersection of the village’s lanes and the constraints associated with trench work as well as the energy savings provided by an autonomous lighting solution led the managers to opt for solar lighting. The risk of damaging existing networks in the absence of construction plans, the narrowness of the tracks and the inconvenience caused by trench work led the Khelus Village to consider an alternative solution to maintain emergency lighting. The price competitiveness, the responsiveness of the Sunna team and the desire to work with a local economic player were decisive factors in the choice of the solution.

Intelligent & connected solar street solution for an holiday village

The Up1 with its compact design and powerful lighting is perfectly suited for low-level lighting, without visual impact on the environment, it operates 365 days a year and resists extreme weather conditions. Finally, its Plug & Play function allows remote control by our application, SunnAPP (profile modification according to the seasons with or without detection). Dozens of residents and holidaymakers can now walk and drive safely in their driveways and the high-performance lighting reassures residents about a feeling of insecurity (burglary, etc…)

“Even when the flow is lowered to 20% in the middle of the night, it allows a good view of the intersection area. When the flow goes up to 100% in case of detection, you can see very clearly the way home”

Confor.elec, installer

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Lighting power
1,600 to 2,800 lumens
Power consumption
10 W to 25 W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Park & paths solar lighting

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