Lighting in record time of a road in Mallorca thanks to solar street lamps

Lighting in record time of a road in Mallorca thanks to solar street lamps


In Santa Eugenia, municipality of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, lack of lighting on the Camí de s’Hostalet makes it difficult to use this road at night. After considering several types of street lights, the city hall gave preference to Sunna Design’s solar solutions for their quality, specifications and guarantees.

Solar energy, a cost-effective alternative in the absence of a lighting network

Camí de s’Hostalet is a 5-meter wide road without any illumination. In order to improve users’ security and comfort, the local council decided to implement an outdoor lighting system. Solar solutions quickly appeared to be the best option for this location. The installation of Sunna Design’s iSSL Maxi Road street lights is indeed more economical than that of a conventional lighting network, thanks to the absence of connection works (trenches, wiring, connection and electrical panel).


Sunna Design’s solar solutions represent a saving of 26% compared with the installation of a conventional lighting network, as well as 75% less installation time and an electricity bill of 0€.

Long-term qualitative and reliable solar solutions

The City of Santa Eugenia quickly made Sunna Design’s solar solutions its first choice rather than choosing products with seemingly lower costs, proving to be less efficient and above all less reliable over time. Sunna Design’s street lamps offer a 6-year warranty as well as great long-term reliability (over 10 years durability), due to their sturdiness and the proprietary technology of a leading company in the field of solar street lighting.


For the same road surface, Sunna Design provides an equivalent or even higher level of lighting and very good uniformity (greater than 0.4), all with a smaller number of street lamps. The iSSL Maxi Road street lamps are able to offer excellent road lighting at a distance of 34 meters from each other.

Shortened production and delivery times

Thanks to its factory based in Blanquefort (France), within the same building as the office itself, Sunna Design is capable of an exceptional responsiveness for all its customers, especially neighboring Spain.


The quality and reliability of its solutions, the proximity with the factory as well as short manufacturing times of its street lights, make Sunna Design the ideal partner for Spain in its solar lighting projects.

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iSSL Maxi Road

Lighting power
3,200 to 5,600* lumens
20 W to 50* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Security solar lighting

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