Solar Road Lighting At Renishaw Hills

Solar Road Lighting At Renishaw Hills

Lighting Solutions for Sustainable Residential Areas

Road & Street Lighting, South Africa

Renishaw Hills is a mature lifestyle residential village located in South Africa, within the ecological village “Mpambanyoni Conservation Development”.



The context

This interconnected residential location, which is surrounded by pristine coastal forests and magnificent wetlands, offer residents a truly unique lifestyle in harmony with nature.

With a clear focus to sustain and support the environment, 65% of the land is dedicated to the conservation and the protection of the natural flora and fauna. All construction therefore lean towards sustainability, with the preservation of the environment being the guiding force behind all works done on the premises.

There was a need to illuminate the road leading to the residential village and a requirement to find a lighting solution in conformity with the premises commitment towards sustainability and nature conservation.

The solution

Sunna Design’s fully integrated solar lantern range, the iSSL +, was shortlisted as the most adequate product to provide lighting service on the road leading to Renishaw Hills.

The quality of its design combined with its unequalled performances were key factors which led to the selection of Sunna’s range.

About 100 streetlights were deployed on the 14.9 miles road to Renishaw Hills, and the result now speaks for itself.


« The solar aspect make this product eco-friendly and, icing on the cake, just look at these lights, they are absolutely beautiful and illuminate the road perfectly»


Philipp Baker – Managing Director of Renishaw Hills Property Development

Impact : 80 000 beneficiaries

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Lighting power
1,600 to 2,800* lumens
10 W to 25* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Park & paths solar lighting

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