Smart solar lighting for a building site in Bordeaux

Smart solar lighting for a building site in Bordeaux


Located in South West France, Bordeaux is an attractive city that keeps on developing to face a growing demand for housing and workspace, in a region with strong economical potential and great quality of life. Brazza neighborhood on the right bank of the city is an illustration of these ambitious real estate projects, meeting the growing needs of the population.


A large-scale urban planning operation in Bordeaux

Sunna Design recently contributed to the erection of Brazza district, a big project supervised by real estate developer ADIM, an affiliate of VINCI Construction France. Thanks to the collaboration of seven partner promoters, ADIM carries out the reconversion works of an ancient industrial site. Initiated in may 2020, these urban developments extend over a floor area of 50.000m2 including offices, parking lots, student apartments and sport facilities, all to be inaugurated in early 2023.

Solar street lights to facilitate work on the building site

Sunna Design solar solutions have been selected to light a construction site of the ADIM consortium, including 5000m2 of hotel residences, 2200m2 of offices, 5800m2 of sport and leisure facilities, and 600 parking lots. About ten UP2 Detect street lights were installed so that the works undertaken by Citeos Bordeaux could benefit from temporary lighting. Connected and versatile, these solar street lights have been especially designed for the illumination of car parks and industrial sites.


ADIM Nouvelle-Aquitaine chose Sunna Design for the many benefits its solar lighting solutions have to offer: easy to install and relocate as needed, they avoid cables thus facilitating work for all those involved in the building site, while ensuring rugged equipment and efficient lighting.


Optimized public lighting manufactured near Bordeaux

With its Factory of the Future located in Blanquefort (Bordeaux area), Sunna Design was a natural partner for the Brazza district project, offering an eco-friendly lighting solution, with its presence detector allowing the site to be lit only when necessary. UP2 Detect street lights protect the surrounding areas from light pollution and allow energy savings at the same time.


Intelligent solar lighting for a promising real estate project: this is the challenge that brought together ADIM Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Citeos Bordeaux and Sunna Design, on Brazza construction site.



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Lighting power
3,200 to 5,600 lumens
20 W to 50 W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

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Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Security solar lighting

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