Solar lighting brings back well-being to Jordan’s biggest hospital access

Solar lighting brings back well-being to Jordan’s biggest hospital access


The Zayed Sustainability Prize offered yet another occasion to put Sunna Design’s expertise to good use to deliver a full turn-key project for Amman’s Prince Hamzah Hospital exterior lighting using solar autonomous tech.

A wartime refuge

Prince Hamzah Hospital in Amman, Jordan was one of the twenty sites selected by the Zayed Sustainability Prize « 20 by 2020 » initiative back in late 2019. This top notch medical institution handles about 3500 patients daily in need of surgery or heavy medical treatments. Even before the outbreak of the syrian war, all resources were focussed on delivering as much relief as possible. Building maintenance went so restrained that outdoor parking spaces and emergency access lighting were in need for a complete overhaul. Then the Covid-19 epidemic began to spread. It was urgent to make sure that the night shifts of doctors and nurses happen with comfort and security including outside the premises.

A global approach

Hamzeh hospital, Jordan

Sunna Design​ was asked to bring up a complete ​turnkey​ replacement for the existing outdoor lighting of the Hamzah hospital. We managed the project from A to Z, moving swiftly from planification to installation and tune up. The hospital’s exterior areas were fitted with no less than 55 units of Sunna’s robust ISSL+ autonomous solar range that are tuned to co-manage their resources and deliver uninterrupted service year round whatever the conditions.

on time to deal with a viral threat

Hamzeh hospital, Jordan

Autonomous lighting means security for both patients and the medical staff. Using a ​quick installation plug&play system​ was an important aspect both for timing and safety. Our procurement, fabrication, project management and logistics skills proved as rugged as expected for a company that builded it’s reputation on zero-compromise designs by professionally dealing with all the project, execution and marketing coverage aspects. We were on time to let Jordan’s jewel of a hospital deal with a viral threat.

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Up to 164 lm/W

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