Solar lighting for extreme weather conditions

Solar lighting for extreme weather conditions

San Andrés, Colombia

Sunna Design brings solar lighting adapted to the extreme climatic conditions of the Colombian island of San Andrés in the Caribbean Sea.

San Andrés, an island in search of resilient ecological development

San Andrés is a Colombian island located in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Nicaragua. Known for its white sand beaches, palm trees and coral reefs, it is also the site of extreme weather events, including category 5 hurricanes. The tropical climate of San Andrés is one of the constraints of the island in terms of urban development, which nevertheless seeks ecological solutions to extend its lighting network.


EEDAS called on Sunna Design and its local partner to light a road with a median strip. The road was already built, paved, and did not have an electrical grid, so the operational costs of connecting to the traditional grid would have been very high.

Efficient, robust and low cost road lighting

Sunna Design proposed 24 iSSL Maxi Area solar streetlights to meet all the constraints presented by the San Andres Island project. Installed on the central median, they allow to light both sides of the road thanks to two LED modules.


Because the Colombian island is exposed to strong winds, salty and humid environment, Sunna Design solar street lights were the best choice, as their robustness makes them resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions.


In only two days, the cement mounting bases were installed. Three weeks later, after the cement had dried, it took only one day to install the poles and luminaires. Solid, reliable and inexpensive, Sunna Design’s solutions met EEDAS’ specifications!


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iSSL Maxi Area

Lighting power
1,600 to 2,800* lumens on each side
20 W to 50* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Park & paths solar lighting

Zone lighting

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