Solar streetlights light up emblematic square in Lubumbashi

Solar streetlights light up emblematic square in Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In Lubumbashi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Congo Energy installed Sunna Design‘s iSSL Maxi 4 and iSSL+ autonomous solar streetlights in Square Forrest to provide lighting and improve the security of the park, pathways and sports fields.

A donation of 48 autonomous solar streetlights

Lampadaires solaires Sunna Design au square Forrest à Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi is the capital of the mining province of Katanga and one of the largest cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city, home to over 2 million people, has significant economic, political and cultural appeal.

In line with its mission to develop and implement projects with a positive socio-economic and human impact for the local community, the Rachel Forrest Foundation partnered with Congo Energy to provide the city with 48 autonomous solar streetlamps. Developing the city’s infrastructure, and in particular public lighting, is one of the Foundation’s priorities to improve the lives of Lubumbashi’s inhabitants.

Congo Energy is a Congolese company committed to revitalizing and developing the energy sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company, who is Sunna Design’s authorized distributor in the region, aims to reduce the energy deficit by offering energy-efficient products while improving the quality of installations.

Efficient and future-proof solar lighting

Lampadaires solaires Sunna Design au square Forrest à Lubumbashi

In partnership with the Rachel Forrest Foundation, Congo Energy selected Sunna Design‘s solar-powered streetlighting solutions to provide lighting in Square Forrest. This project is designed to brighten up the emblematic square, which is a place of gathering located in the heart of the city centre, as well as improve its security. The square, a high-traffic area, features a public basketball court and weight training equipment, which makes it a popular spot for young people in Lubumbashi.

For efficient and comfortable lighting, our iSSL Maxi 4 streetlights provide lighting for the sports fields, while the iSSL+, suitable for pedestrian areas, lights up the park and its paths. Designed to last, these products provide Square Forrest with high-performance, future-proof lighting, with guaranteed continuity 365 days a year, regardless of failures in the existing electric lighting network.

Solar lighting projects on the rise in the city

Lampadaires solaires Sunna Design au square Forrest à Lubumbashi

Guylain Lubaba Buluma, Mayor of Lubumbashi; Jean-Claude Kamfwa, Vice-Governor of Haut-Katanga; and George A. Forrest, President of the Forrest International Group attended the official ceremony for the donation of the solar streetlights. George A. Forrest said: “This donation of solar streetlights, which are accessible to all, is part of the group’s actions to beautify and secure the city. »

This project comes in addition to other solar street lighting installations by Congo Energy in Lubumbashi, where a total of 208 Sunna Design solar streetlights are currently being set up on Kasa-Vubu Avenue.

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