Solar street lighting in cyclonic area

Solar street lighting in cyclonic area

Solar lighting in cyclonic area

Longboat Key, Florida

These UP solar street light solutions can be used even in the event of extreme weather events. Such as the frequent hurricanes in Florida are regularly confronted. clearly suitable for road and car park lighting.

Public lighting in natural disasters areas

For energy saving and high-end image reasons, the managers of the Longboat Key Hotel Club in Florida want to replace their conventional electric street lamps with smart and connected solar led street lamps. During repeated storms or hurricanes, old wired electrical installations fail, leading to a “blackout” on the road linking the golf course to the hotel.

Also, the customer’s objective is to illuminate this route permanently and safely with a fleet of durable and autonomous solar-powered UP4 and UP4 Dual streetlights. With this range of products for temperate zones, the inclination of the solar panels makes it possible to optimize the collection of solar energy.

For this high-end customer, Sunna Design meets the quality requirements of lighting a complicated access road. With this range of UP solar street lamp products, Sunna Design meets the needs of users in the extreme climatic conditions to which Florida is often subjected. Also, the DUAL product range meets the customer’s specifications. Light a road with a park of anti-blackout solar street lights with technology that protects the NiMH battery from damage due to extremely wet weather conditions and where salty air is highly toxic, especially to cells.

Advantages: Category 5 hurricane-resistant solar street lamps

Compared to the competition, our products are resistant to category 5 hurricanes and tropicalized, therefore, usable in saline environments and above all, resilient. In addition to the “anti-blackout” function, the user can remotely control his fleet of candelabras. This fleet of autonomous and connected solar lights responds to the qualitative and high-end image of the Longboat Key hotel.

Problems: to have an autonomous and sustainable solar lighting solution

Solar Street lighting Solara Sales Center Mattamy Orlando Florida

With this “UP4” and “UP4 dual” solar street lights, our customer has a self-reliant and sustainable solar lighting solution. This innovative product offers quick installation in a few minutes. These intelligent and connected solar street lights provide unparalleled performance and a range of services powered by our mobile application developed by our Research and Innovation department, SunnAPP.

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Lighting power
6,400 lumens
40 W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Roads & streets solar lighting

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