Sports available after work even after dark

Sports available after work even after dark


Sunna Design was contacted by the Business and Social Council (CSE) of a Vaucluse company (84), in order to provide a solution to a lack of lighting around its game court, located in the town of Sorgues. The UP4 solar street lamps made the difference, meeting the expectations of the company and its employees, in search of an eco-responsible lighting solution as well as a system that wouldn’t involve heavy connection work.

Specific requests and field issues

The company expressed from the very beginning its desire to opt for a lighting solution in line with its environmental convictions. In order for its employees to enjoy the game court even after dark, the CSE also wanted a lighting system capable of providing 4 to 6 hours of light per night, with the ability for employees to manually turn on and off the equipment of this private site.


As the multi-sport field is located on a landscaped area with concrete walkways, the company was reluctant to undertake heavy trenching work that would damage the existing pavement to connect the game court’s lighting system to the grid. Furthermore, the game court being located on a secured industrial site, it was also necessary to install a lighting system compatible with the requirements of this kind of place.

Installation and impact of the solar streetlights around the game court

For this project, Sunna Design collaborated with the company Citeos Avignon which was in charge of the installation of the streetlamps. The selected UP4 solar streetlamps meet the CSE desired goal of a recreational sport lighting. Autonomous and reliable, they respond to the willingness to prioritize a simple and efficient installation, all of which supported by trustworthy actors: a leading solar lighting company and a local installer.


The quality of Sunna Design’s technical offer was able to convince the promoters of the game court lighting project. Its solar solutions guarantee efficient lighting with a light height o 6 meters, a neutral color temperature, and extensive optics that limit the glare rating. The Vaucluse company managers were also seduced by the life span of the batteries, the technologies implemented, and Sunna Design’s turnkey offer.


Initial customer feedback has been positive, the luminous flux delivered by this intelligent and connected solar lighting solution meeting once again users’ expectations.



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Lighting power
6,400 lumens
40 W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Roads & streets solar lighting

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