Valencia: an ever greener city thanks to solar lighting

Valencia: an ever greener city thanks to solar lighting

Valencia: an ever greener city thanks to solar lighting, Valencia

The city of Valencia in Spain has opted for Sunna Design’s solar street lights to illuminate dark areas of one of its parks. A true green heart of the city, the Jardín de Viveros now benefits from a reliable and sustainable public lighting system, adapted to the needs of both citizens and nature.

Solar street lamps win-win operation

Solar solutions represent a benefit to both inhabitants and the environment, and thus reconcile urban comfort and nature preservation. This harmony guides the actions of Valencia, which aims to be a model green city. In that respect, it was only natural for its teams in charge of street lighting to turn to Sunna Design, in order to present their project to make a city park more comfortable and safe.


Lighting studies carried out beforehand by Sunna Design enabled the company to propose the most appropriate solar solutions, and the city to determine the number of iSSL Maxi Road street lights needed for the park. These 9 lights with detection offer Viveros’ users a light level above 10 lux and excellent uniformity.


In that search for the right balance between citizens’ safety and nature preservation, a color temperature of 3000K was preferred, in order to reduce light impact on the park’s biodiversity. For future projects, Sunna Design and the municipality of Valencia have agreed on a color temperature of 2700K, to reduce even more the impact of street lighting on fauna and flora.

A reliable, economical and sustainable lighting solution

Sunna Design solar street lights meet all the expectations of the municipality. This eco-friendly street lighting system allows energy optimization, using a natural, free and unlimited resource. Sustainable public lighting also means reliable equipment that stand up to use. Sunna Design’s solar street lights have a 6-year warranty and patented batteries that can run for more than 10 years without being replaced.


These street lights’ efficiency also lies in their installation process. Unlike a conventional public lighting system, which implies heavy works, the autonomous street lamps of Sunna Design are quickly installed and immediately operational. The municipality of Valencia saves time and money by avoiding the costs of trenching, wiring, connection and electrical panel, inherent in a connection to the grid.


With their sober design, the iSSL Maxi Road lights integrate easily into the urban and green environment of the Jardín de Viveros, and allow the city to benefit from both an aesthetic and functional harmony.

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iSSL Maxi Road

Lighting power
3,200 to 5,600* lumens
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Up to 164 lm/W

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