Lighting Dubai’s parks with solar-powered streetlights


solar streetlighting

Context: lighting municipal parks and children’s playgrounds with autonomous solar solutions

12 parks to be lit by solar solutions

The Municipality of Dubai is one of the largest developers of solar street lighting systems in the United Arab Emirates. Recently, they decided to build 12 parks, with children’s playgrounds in the city’s main residential areas. Often exploited at night by families due to extreme weather conditions in summer, they are very popular. Dubai has a mission: to be a city at the forefront in terms of renewable energy. Thus, it is obvious that the parks could only be lit by solar energy.

Project for the autonomous solarization of Dubai’s parks

Sunna Design solutions reduce CO2 emissions in cities

Initially, a competing solution was proposed with flexible solar panels surrounded around each mast. The fact that the solar panels are surrounded around a mast offers a lower performance rate compared to rigid solar panels. At the same time, this solution uses Lithium batteries. In addition, the use of lithium battery powered solutions in high temperature countries such as Dubai should not be allowed to operate in extreme temperature conditions due to the poor performance of lithium.

solar streetlighting in Dubaï

Problems: Lighting parks with clean energy with careful design of our solar street lights

A people-centred design

Sunna Design Totems illuminate urban projects oriented towards the well-being of citizens with solar energy.

At the same time, the streetlights were harmoniously designed in the city and had to be harmoniously integrated into these parks. The Dubai municipality therefore chose products from the Totem range. Dubai is an environment subject to sand winds. The totems are designed with vertical solar panels integrated into the mast which strongly limits silting and therefore optimizes the product’s energy production.

These 92 Totems is a project in the first phase of a larger project.

Advantages of our solutions for green, elegant and connected cities

Vertical design

Totems streetlights from Sunna Design integrate vertical panels, they are “all in one”. Thus, they strongly limit silting and therefore the need for cleaning. In addition, the NiMH battery with high resistance to extreme temperatures, which guarantees 10 years of operation without battery replacement.

Come and meet us and discover our solar-powered solutions at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from 14 to 17 January 2019 on the stand of the former Zayed Prize winners.

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