Eclairage d'une piste cyclable avec des lampadaires solaires à Greenway Whittier

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Solar lighting for bicycle path: increased visibility for cyclists


The lighting of pedestrian walkways is a specific challenge for public lighting. Crosswalk, country lane, seaside promenade, paths used by foot require lighting capable of adapting to all terrains, powerful without being dazzling, safe so that the paths remain accessible at night without lighting unnecessarily. This is what autonomous lighting allows.




Installation de lampadaires solaires pour une piste cyclable et un chemin à Tounefeuille

The intelligent lighting solution for all paths


Solar street lamps can illuminate the most varied areas. Whether a crosswalk on a concrete road, a walkway on sandy soil, or a path on uneven ground, autonomous street lights can be installed anywhere in a few minutes without trenching work or a network connection. Thanks to solar solutions, paths are easily illuminated even far away from the main roads. Their simplified logistics avoid major work and, therefore, also disturb users of paths and crosswalks.


Entirely autonomous, Sunna Design’s solar streetlights are equipped with on-board intelligence to manage very precisely the lighting of crosswalks and bicycle paths, in particular by adapting the luminous flux power thanks to the detection of walkers: a beneficial feature for the safety of users, the control of energy expenses and the respect of the environment.

Preserved Natural Beauty

Solar lighting for bike paths and greenways is the ideal solution for introducing a lighting system while preserving the landscape’s natural beauty. Our autonomous streetlights blend harmoniously into the space without visible cables, avoiding visual pollution. Their elegant and discreet design highlights the splendor of trees and plants, creating a pleasant and serene ambiance. By choosing our solar lighting systems, you combine aesthetics and functionality.

Enhanced and Intelligent Security

Choose our solar lighting systems for maximum safety on greenways and bike paths. Our solutions guarantee optimal visibility for everyone—pedestrians, cyclists, and motoristsreducing accident risks and increasing userssense of security. With intelligent detection, the lighting adjusts automatically based on a user’s presence, ensuring adequate illumination only when necessary. Additionally, the anti-blackout feature of our patented electronic board, SunnaCore, ensures optimal service 365 days a year. 

Sustainable Lighting and Mobility 

Choose solar lighting for an autonomous and environmentally friendly solution. By using renewable and clean energy, our systems help reduce the carbon footprint with a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to grid-connected installations. Designed to minimize their impact on local ecosystems, they protect wildlife and flora by limiting light pollution. Furthermore, by encouraging the use of bike paths and greenways, our solutions improve the quality of life and enhance public spaces, promoting gentle and sustainable transportation. 

Pictogramme représentant une diminution de coût

Substantial savings

Our solar lighting solutions are not just about safety and sustainability; they also offer substantial financial benefits. By harnessing free solar energy, our autonomous streetlights eliminate energy costs and significantly reduce your electricity bills. With a 6-year guarantee and minimal maintenance requirements, they also lower maintenance costs and extend the equipment’s lifespan. Moreover, our solutions require fewer infrastructure works than traditional installations, reducing initial costs and ensuring quick and economical implementation. 

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