Eclairage de zone d'un bord de mer à Acapulco au Mexique

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Solar lighting for general area: adaptability and energy efficiency


The solar street light is a solution to many public lighting problems. Whether it is to light up industrial areas, factories or other suburban areas far from the electrical network, to install quickly and inexpensively temporary lighting on a construction site or to set up emergency lighting in a refugee camp or in the event of a natural disaster, autonomous street lights stand out as being the technology that responds to all these situations.




Eclairage solaire provisoire Chantier Lucien Faure Bordeaux

Solar lighting, a choice for all areas and applications


The autonomous street lamp is the only way to light certain areas with specificities, whether in terms of terrain, geographical situation or temporality. Independent from the electrical network, the solar street lamp can be installed quickly and anywhere, and is immediately operational.


Sunna Design has developed its street lamps to withstand even extreme weather conditions (typhoons, hurricanes, temperatures from -40°C to +70°C). The advanced technology of its solar streetlights is infinitely configurable and allows for battery preservation for a lighting solution that is both practical and lasting. Sunna Design’s teams offer you a turnkey solution, with personalized support whatever your lighting needs.

Remote control
Resistance to extreme climates
Plug and play
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Copharmed Adopts Solar Lighting for Its New Facility Construction in Abidjan

In Abidjan, Copharmed, an innovative subsidiary of CFAO Healthcare, unveils its brand-new 7,200m² facility. This project marks the dawn of a new sustainable era, benefiting from the solar technology advancements provided by Sunna Design. This strategic alliance aligns perfectly with CFAO’s self-sufficiency energy objectives, making a significant step towards adopting renewable energies. Discover how […]

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Lampadaire solaire iSSL de Sunna Design éclairant un pont à Centuripe en italie de nuit
Centuripe, Italie

Solar Lighting of a Bridge: Centuripe’s Solution to the Darkness Issue

At the heart of Sicily, the municipality of Centuripe has ventured on an ambitious initiative to improve its public lighting on a specific section of one of its bridges. This project led under the guidance of Salvatore La Spina, Mayor of Centuripe, and thanks to the technical expertise of the municipal staff, marks a […]

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Lampadaire solaire pour une zone d'école à l'ENSAP à Talence
Talence, France

Renovation of the Bordeaux School of Architecture

The National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux has taken advantage of the State Recovery Plan to begin the renovation work on its pyramid, an iconic construction, as well as to improve the energy performance of several of its buildings. Sunna Design has been contacted for its expertise in solar energy in […]

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Eclairage solaire de la baie d'Acapulco au Mexique
Acapulco, Mexique

Solar Lighting in Acapulco Bay

Zonatur Acapulco is an urbanism agency in charge of ensuring adequate infrastructures and services in the tourist areas of Acapulco municipality. Street lighting is part of its remit and it has been the source of many challenges in the past years due to operational issues. Paths and crosswalks Acapulco, MEXICO […]

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