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Lighting is an essential component of a public space construction or renovation project. Architects, lighting designers and lighting engineers must take into account many parameters when choosing the most appropriate lighting system for the project they are in charge of. Taking charge of the design of a public lighting system means calculating the illumination required, finding solutions to technical constraints, complying with the standards in force, all of which for maximum safety and comfort of use. It is also an aesthetic search for the enhancement of the places, while respecting the surrounding biodiversity and the challenges of our time related to energy consumption. Lighting design professionals are increasingly turning to solar solutions for the efficient and sustainable answers they provide to all these issues.



Eclairage solaire urbain d'une piste cyclable Lampadaires solaires pour zones résidentielles à Lake Meadows, Floride

Why choose solar lighting


Solar street lamps allow architects and lighting engineers to solve many technical problems. Regardless of the location or the state of the land on which the construction or renovation project is to take place, the autonomous street light gets installed in a few minutes without requiring a network connection. No need to check the access of the land to electricity, no need either to carry out heavy work likely to deteriorate the premises.


Favoring a solar street lighting system means opting for a solution in compliance with all the standards in force. The solar street lamp is in conformity with the lighting standards related to safety and the proper use of public spaces (road traffic, sports, leisure, etc.). The solar street light also respects the environmental standards thanks to the use of a clean and precisely dosed energy which preserves nature and limits light pollution. Choosing solar energy means choosing a lighting system adapted to the projects of tomorrow: eco-design, eco-responsible extensions and renovations, powering smart city applications thanks to the energy stored by the street lights’ battery.


Solar lighting allows you to register your project in the long term. This future-oriented solution offers your customers clean and renewable energy in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. It is also a profitable investment, the higher cost of a solar street lamp being amortized by the absence of electricity bill and allowing valuable energy independence in front of the fluctuations of energy prices.

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Sunna Design



Sunna Design’s solar streetlights have a sober and elegant design that easily adapts to any environment. The color of the pole can be chosen according to the context. Sunna Design’s autonomous street lamps have met the expectations of customers in 60 different countries and for projects as diverse as shopping malls, squares and sports fields, residential areas, a university campus or a school of architecture.



By choosing Sunna Design as your partner for the installation of a public lighting system, you benefit from the most reliable and widest range of solar street lamps on the market. For each product, it is the same guarantee of cutting-edge technology carried by French engineering and know-how, a pledge of the highest quality standards. From the compact all-in-one range of streetlights to the EverGen range for high power lighting needs, Sunna Design meets all your specific demands for urban, suburban and rural lighting.

   Diversity of applications


With their off-grid technology, their infinitely configurable lighting system and their sober and elegant line, Sunna Design’s smart streetlights meet the most diverse public lighting issues. Whether you are responsible for installing a solar lighting system along a road, a street, a path or a cycle path, whether you need to light a housing estate, a parking lot, a park or an item of street furniture, there is a Sunna Design solar solution to meet your specifications.

   Technical support


Sunna Design’s teams are here to assist you throughout your street lighting project. Listening to your needs, experts guide you through the installation of your street lamps and answer all your questions. The Sunnapp, a smart tool developed for users of Sunna Design’s solar solutions, includes installation and commissioning support to ensure you get the best possible product experience.


   Global expertise


Rely on a company that is a pioneer and leader in solar street lighting. With more than 120.000 solar solutions deployed in 60 countries and supported by a network of 150 partners around the world, Sunna Design accompanies all your solar lighting installations in France and abroad, and makes its expertise available to you wherever you need it.

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