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Eco-responsible Solar Lighting at Faro Airport


Safety and durability were the two main criteria mentioned by the managers of Faro Airport in Portugal when defining their lighting project for the bus stop and the outdoor traffic area of the airport. Unsurprisingly, a solar street lighting system met all their requirements and was selected for the areas in question. By using solar street lamps from Sunna Design, the technical team of Faro Airport chose a public lighting system that is both reliable and durable.


  Bus stop and Shelter

    Faro – PORTUGAL

  iSSL Maxi 4 

Technical and Environmental Studies Upstream of the Lighting Project


The success of a solar lighting project depends on an essential step: a detailed study carried out before the installation, which takes into account various factors. In this case, a luminotechnical study made it possible to highlight the customer’s needs in terms of average lighting and lighting uniformity in compliance with European standards.


An environmental study of this geographical area based on solar irradiation data from the last ten years also helped define the most suitable solar lighting solution. Specifically chosen for this application of passenger stops, the selected range of solar streetlights made by Sunna Design thus guarantees the best operating performance and maximum durability.

Implementation of the Solar Street Lighting Project


The technical and environmental studies carried out at Faro Airport made it possible to develop a customized solar lighting project considering all of the client’s criteria and the specificities of the location and applications. Thus, five iSSL Maxi 4 solar streetlights were selected to improve the comfort and safety of passengers and employees around the airport.


Sunna Design’s autonomous streetlight now allows Portugal’s third-largest airport to continue its goal of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. As a result, for the over 9 million passengers who pass through this airport each year, a portion of their journey is illuminated by a sustainable and intelligent solar lighting system.


To make this ecological and efficient lighting project a reality, Sunna Design could count on the cooperation of two valuable partners: Infocontrol for the realization of the project and Sotécnica for the installation and commissioning.





Faro, Portugal


Aéroport de Faro
Product(s) used


iSSL Maxi 4

Which products for this field of application?

    Road and street Parking lot General Area Road and street
    The iSSL Maxi 4 is a reliable, robust and powerful stand-alone solar lighting solution, particularly suitable for road and car park lighting. This innovative product offers a very simple and fast installation with unmatched performance and connected services such as Sunnap'.   Do you have a similar project or any other project? Talk to our sales team!    
    Lampadaire solaire Sunna Design iSSL Maxi 4 noir Lampadaire solaire Sunna Design iSSL Maxi 4 blanc

    Specifications iSSL Maxi 4

    Lighting power
    7,000 to 14,000 lumens
    40 W to 80 W
    Lighting efficiency
    Up to 175 lm/W
    Color temperature options
    2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    50,000 hours
    * Available with motion sensor
    Photovoltaic panels
    Photovoltaïc modules (Monocrystalline silicon)
    160 Wc
    > 20 years at 80% of initial power
    NiMH , battery, maintenance free, high resistance to extreme temperatures
    480 Wh
    Operating temperature range
    -40°C à +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
    12 years
    0,27 m2
    Top mounting Ø76 mm
    Weight (without pole)
    43 kg

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