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Sunna Design has deployed more than 120,000 solar solutions in some 60 countries around the world. This section allows you to follow the company directly in the field by observing concrete examples of installations of its solar streetlights. Each article contextualizes the initial public lighting problem, the reason for choosing solar lighting, presents Sunna Design’s autonomous lighting products and explains the many benefits for customers and affected populations.

Les Flots Bleus Camping: An Eco-friendly rebirth with Solar Liting


Innovation and Italian Traditions Intertwine at Jean Calogero Park in Aci Castello


Solar Lighting Powers Sports in Lesparre-Médoc


Solar Streetlights Illuminate a Majorcan Road in Record Time


Copharmed Adopts Solar Lighting for Its New Facility Construction in Abidjan

Côte d'Ivoire

Solar Lighting of a Bridge: Centuripe’s Solution to the Darkness Issue


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