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Many companies are taking their part in the ecological challenge of our time by rethinking their operating methods in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. The energy challenge is real for companies that must find ways to reduce their electricity consumption to save money while going towards ever more sobriety. Sunna Design is committed to offering private companies autonomous solar lighting solutions in line with the energy transition and the values of sustainable development.



Eclairage solaire d'un site industrielle protégé Eclairage solaire d'un parking commercial Leclerc à Langon

Why choose solar lighting


Choosing solar energy to light the parking lot, accesses and surroundings of your business, department store or other business premises positions you as an actor in the energy transition of sustainable cities and territories. Solar street lamps are powered by a clean and unlimited energy, the use of which will have an immediate impact on your greenhouse gas emissions.


By lighting the outdoor spaces of your business with solar street lights, the electricity bill of these different places is reduced to zero. Reducing electricity consumption is all the more valuable in the current context of an energy market in tension. Independent of the electrical network, the autonomous solar streetlight works thanks to the capture of solar energy which it stores to restore it in the form of lighting. Even in the event of a power cut, your premises continue to be lit for the comfort and safety of your visitors.


Installing solar street lamps around your business sends a strong message to your customers. By opting for autonomous solar lighting of your parking lots, shopping centers and other stores, you show your commitment to sustainable development. These solar solutions are a real chance to make visitors aware of the benefits of renewable energy.


The autonomous street lamp also has the advantage of being installed very quickly and without heavy work. If you run a retail space, the installation or replacement of your lighting system will not cause any interruption of service and will allow your clients to continue to have an easy access to your premises, without trenches, grading and other connection works that are inevitable with a traditional lighting system.

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A pioneer and leader in solar street lighting, Sunna Design has already deployed more than 120.000 solar solutions in 60 countries and works alongside 150 partners worldwide. Its autonomous street lamps are recognized for their exceptional robustness and for their flawless performance. Guaranteed 12 months a year without blackout, these solar street lights are a reliable lighting solution for your business premises.



The reliability of Sunna Design solar street lighting extends over time. Guaranteed for 6 years on the entire product, these solar street lamps require minimal maintenance and are designed to last. This is particularly the case for the battery which benefits from an innovative and resilient management system allowing savings on its operation, whatever the weather conditions. The intelligent electronic card developed by Sunna Design is present in all its equipment and preserves the battery throughout its 12-year lifespan.

   Customized service


Sunna Design offers a customized street lighting solution that perfectly meets your company’s specifications. Sunna Design teams take into account all the parameters of your lighting project by calculating the exact quantity of autonomous street lights necessary, in line with the operation of the premises, the standards in force and your budget.

   Energy management


Sunna Design’s technical expertise allows providing companies with public lighting as close as possible to their needs. Each street lamp is equipped with an infinitely configurable intelligent lighting profile that delivers the right amount of light according to the configuration and operating hours of each location. Thanks to the on-board electronics of these smart street lamps, lighting is both reassuring for visitors and economical for a greater energy sobriety, all of which adjustable remotely using the SunnAPP.

   Impact compagny


Choosing to hire Sunna Design for the installation or the renovation of your lighting system means being associated with the image of a company with social and environmental impact. Sunna Design has already improved the daily life of more than 100 million people thanks to its solar street lighting solutions. Be an actor of the energy transition and set an example by using autonomous lighting powered by a renewable energy for your business premises.

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