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Sunna Design offers the most reliable and lasting solar street lighting technology. The efficiency of its solar solutions comes from product quality and a cutting-edge technology. As an R&D company, Sunna Design is constantly innovating to be as close as possible to your needs. From the solar panels to the on-board electronics including the battery, Sunna Design’s street lamps are equipped with the best systems for capturing, storing and releasing solar energy. The technology integrated into these autonomous solar street lights allows energy to be optimized and the client to manage its equipment closely, for a reliable and efficient street lighting system and controlled energy expenses.


How does solar work ?

Vue éclatée d'un lampadaire solaire Sunna Design




They convert solar energy into electricity and do not accumulate dust.






It stores the electricity produced during the day to power the LED module at night.






Our intelligent power management system is equipped with patented algorithms to maximize the battery life. This system is also connected to Bluetooth.

Lampadaires solaires pour zones résidentielles à Wellen Park Trail, Floride

Our Technological Assets


With an unequalled lifespan, the Sunna Design solar streetlight is developed to resist the most extreme temperatures (-40°C to +70°C). This exceptional robustness has convinced all over the world and especially in Africa where climatic conditions are particularly demanding.


As reliable as they are efficient, Sunna Design’s solar solutions are guaranteed 12 months a year without blackout thanks to the SunnaCORE, a patented electronic card that regulates the intensity of the LEDs and allows solar energy storage to reuse it during periods of low solar irradiation.


Continuity of service is therefore ensured even in geographical areas where solar radiation is low, such as in northern Europe for instance. Solar street lamps are easy to install even on the most remote sites without heavy work and are immediately operational.

Lampadaire solaire d'une zone d'école à l'ENSAP, Talence

Serving Cities and Territories


Sunna Design’s solar street lighting is also distinguished by its communication and remote control system. Patented algorithms enable very precise control of the urban light and energy savings. Sunna Design offers a real intelligent lighting program, with the possibility of infinitely configuring the light thanks to the SunnaCORE.


The SunnAPP application assists users from the installation and commissioning of the solar streetlights to the management of the lighting profiles. Among its features, it offers performance monitoring and history, and allows the registration and management of the light stock. A web platform completes this technological package: SunnaCloud provides an overview of the installed solar lighting system.


Sunna Design anticipates the new needs of the city of tomorrow. The energy generated by its solar panels can also be used to power Smart City applications. Hotspot WiFi, environmental censors, intelligent traffic management, remote surveillance, advertising inserts, are some of the additional features that Sunna Design’s solar street lighting will allow to develop, generating revenues and electricity savings.

Remote control
Resistance to extreme climates
Plug and play

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image du produit de face installé sur le côté droit de la route
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After completing several projects that have met all the expectations of both residents and operations managers, the municipality of Valencia, Spain, and Sunna Design continue their successful collaboration on the solar street lighting of the city. The Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works, and Mobility did not hesitate to contact Sunna Design’s teams to […]

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Lubumbashi, République démocratique du Congo

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In 2019, Sunna Design partnered with Congo Energy on a large-scale solar lighting project in the city of Lubumbashi. Through the installation of over 200 solar street lamp units in one of the biggest cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the project has contributed to the revival of public spaces while integrating […]

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Tapachula, Mexique

Solar Lighting in Mexico: a Ray of Hope in the Migration Crisis

Between 2019 and 2021, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), over 130 Sunna Design’s iSSL Maxi Road solar streetlights were installed for a solar public lighting project in Tapachula, Mexico. This country faced two key challenges: a strained social context, partially related to migration flows, and […]

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Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, France

Green Parking: The Hunter’s House Chooses Solar Lighting

As part of an overall rehabilitation of the premises of the Northern France Hunting Federation, the Hunter’s House in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux in the Hauts-de-France region decided to upgrade the lighting of its parking lot by turning to renewable energies. Candéliance, our local representative and a public lighting specialist in the Haut-de-France region, recommended Sunna Design’s […]

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