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Solar lighting for parking: economical and ecological solutions


The solar street lamp is a competitive and eco-responsible solution that can be adapted to all public lighting uses especially parking lots. These parking spaces require quality lighting for the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles. Sunna Design’s intelligent street lights provide continuous lighting service 365 days a year while saving energy during off-peak hours. These autonomous lighting systems adapt to the specific needs of a parking lot, whether commercial or residential, school or hospital, parking areas in natural environments, island regions, and other isolated locations without pre-existing infrastructure.



Eclairage solaire haute tension parking centre commercial E.Leclerc Langon

Practical and economical parking lots lighting


Sunna Design’s solar streetlights have already proven their efficiency in numerous parking lots where their lighting quality combined with minimal maintenance and resistance to extreme weather conditions give complete satisfaction. These autonomous solutions are installed very quickly, saving heavy work costs and keeping the site in operation.


With solar lighting, no more electricity bill. The connected street lamp also allows for energy savings by modulating the light according to the parking lot’s schedule and needs. The motion detection integrated into Sunna Design’s smart streetlights provides the right amount of light and preserves the battery, for safe lighting and a long-lasting investment. This control of lighting also preserves the surrounding biodiversity, an argument that seduces more and more companies concerned with being part of an ecological approach.


By choosing a solar parking lot, you ensure the comfort and safety of users, save money and respect the environment. From design to installation, including advice and manufacturing, Sunna Design’s teams take charge of your parking lot lighting project from A to Z.

Smart detection

Our solar lighting solutions for parking lots incorporate advanced detection technologies, ensuring efficient use of light. Smart sensors automatically adjust the brightness based on the presence of vehicles or pedestrians, providing optimal illumination when needed and saving energy during periods of inactivity. This feature helps maximize the energy efficiency of your parking lot while delivering a safe and comfortable user experience.

Unmatched Reliability

Our solar street lamps’ intelligent management systems ensure perfect energy autonomy and continuous service. Even in the event of power failures or blackouts, our lamps remain operational, thus ensuring consistent and secure lighting for your users. This reliability is crucial for maintaining safety and functionality in your parking lot under all circumstances, providing additional peace of mind for you and your clients.

Controlled Costs

Investing in our solar parking lighting is not only an eco-friendly decision but also financially beneficial in the long run. By utilizing free solar energy, you significantly reduce your electricity costs, resulting in substantial savings on your energy bills. Additionally, our solution requires minimal maintenance and avoids the recurring costs associated with traditional electrical installations, thus offering a rapid and sustainable return on investment.

Express Installation

Unlike traditional lighting systems that require extensive and complex wiring work, installing our solar parking lighting is quick, simple, and minimally invasive. They can be installed without civil engineering work, thereby reducing costs and disruptions to your business. This efficient approach allows you to quickly reap the benefits of solar lighting without the drawbacks of traditional installations.

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