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It is essential for local authorities to examine their consumption, particularly that related to public lighting, which for many of them can represent more than a third of their electricity bill. The current economic and environmental context requires a search for sobriety and energy efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing to provide essential public services to the population. Hundreds of municipalities around the world have already trusted Sunna Design to assist them in their transition to renewable energies.



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Why choose solar lighting


Solar street lighting is a promising solution for municipalities that need to find ways to reduce their energy bills and dependence on fossil fuels while providing citizens with the same access to public infrastructures and a safe environment for their daily lives.


Solar lighting works thanks to a free, unlimited and eco-responsible energy. Completely independent of the electrical network, solar street lights allow a sharp decrease in the electricity bill of municipalities. This independence also protects the autonomous street lamps from power outages, for a reliable and efficient public lighting system guaranteed without blackout.


The photovoltaic street lamp is installed quickly, without heavy connection works, and is immediately operational. Thanks to its on-board intelligence, its performance can be very precisely controlled remotely for a better energy management.

Reduced infrastructure
Motion detector
Biodiversity protection

6 Reasons for choosing
Sunna Design



Sunna Design supports hundreds of municipalities around the world in their transition to solar street lighting. More than 100.000 solar street lamps have already been successfully deployed in over 60 countries. Sunna Design holds 15 patents and 14 international awards as recognition of its expertise.



Sunna Design’s solar solutions are eco-responsible from A to Z. The autonomous street lights use clean and renewable energy for their operation and their components are designed to be recyclable in order to limit the impact of their production and their end of life on the environment.



Sunna Design’s photovoltaic street lamps benefit from a constantly renewed investment in R&D. The company produces reliable and durable street lighting solutions with flawless performance, in particular thanks to precise management of battery temperature and charge/discharge cycles.



The embedded technology of solar street lamps allows them to adapt to all environments and all specific needs of places and populations. Municipalities can program the lighting profile infinitely thanks to a very flexible system that avoids unnecessary energy expenses and light pollution.




Quality public lighting must ensure the comfort and safety of residents. Sunna Design’s solar street lights guarantee communities perfect lighting uniformity, a light color adapted to each use (road, path, cycle path, park, etc.) and a visual comfort for more visibility and less danger.

   Smart City


The solar energy stored by Sunna Design’s patented systems can be used to power Smart City applications to meet all the new needs of the city of tomorrow. These technology advanced solar street lamps are the allies of the city of the future, smart and connected.

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