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Why install a solar street lamp rather than a traditional street lamp?
Why choose Sunna Design solutions?
Are Sunna Design products certified?
What is the lifespan & warranty of the product?
What is the autonomy/service guarantee of Sunna Design solar streetlights?
Are Sunna Design street lamps resistant enough to be installed in extreme climate and/or natural disasters areas?
How can I be sure of the quality of the components of Sunna Design products?
Are Sunna Design solar streetlamps recyclable?
How does a solar street lamp work?
What is a lighting profile?
How do I choose my lighting management program?
What happens if the solar irradiation is not sufficient to fully recharge the battery?
Motion detection
Focus on installation
What is the SunnAPP©?
What maintenance is required?
Security and vandalism, what solutions does Sunna Design offer on these issues?
What about the after-sales service provided by Sunna Design?

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