Eclairage d'un terrain de tenis à Sarasota avec des lampadaires solaires

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Solar lighting for park and recreational area: ecological and economic enhancement


Parks, gardens, squares, playgrounds, sports fields, game courts, solar lighting solves the lighting deficits of many public spaces. Lack of network, aging electrical installations, land constraints, the solar street lamp answers all problems by offering a powerful, reliable and sustainable lighting, adapted to each practice.



Éclairage city stade Saint Pierre d'Amilly avec UP2 Sunna Design

Redesigning Leisure and Sports Spaces with Solar Lighting


Solar lighting redefines the arrangement of leisure and sports spaces such as playgrounds and multi-sport fields. This technology combines energy savings with a positive environmental impact, delivering high-quality light that enhances the safety and attractiveness of these places after sunset.

Each public space demands specific lighting. Sunna Design offers a range of solar street lamps with an intelligent lighting system for parks, gardens, and squares, ensuring night-time safety for walkers while respecting the surrounding biodiversity.

iSSL+ des sentiers du Wellen Park de jour

Advantages of Solar Lighting in Outdoor Recreational Areas


Flexibility and Easy Installation

The flexibility of solar lighting allows its deployment in a wide variety of locations, including remote or hard-to-access. This accessibility broadens the possibilities for arranging recreational and sports spaces, promoting harmonious integration of lighting into the environment without the need for heavy or costly infrastructure. With varied design options, it seamlessly blends into the landscape, enriching the aesthetics of the environment while providing functional and durable lighting.


Cost-Effectiveness and Low Maintenance of Public Spaces

Adopting solar lighting for public spaces proves to be a winning strategy for territories aiming to maximize efficiency while minimizing maintenance needs. Sunna Design’s solar lighting installations offer sustainable and reliable performance thanks to advanced technologies, eliminating the frequent need for replacement or repair that often characterizes other solutions. This low maintenance, combined with the absence of electricity bills, makes solar lighting particularly appealing.

Eclairage solaire pour un parc loisir à Saint Pierre d’Amilly

Enhanced Safety and Security

Beyond its economic advantage, solar lighting plays a crucial role in creating welcoming and secure environments, essential for encouraging the use of these spaces in the evening. Illuminating potentially dangerous areas and access paths reduces the risk of accidents and discourages illicit activities, thus creating a welcoming and secure environment for users of all ages.


Enhancing Community Spaces

Solar lighting in parks and leisure spaces demonstrates a commitment to innovation and sustainable development. This not only values these spaces as meeting and leisure points after sunset but also strengthens the community’s image as a pioneer in adopting green technologies.

Thus, the adoption of solar lighting in sports and leisure spaces is not just a fleeting trend; it is part of a long-term vision aimed at reinventing urban planning through the lens of sustainability and innovation. This emerging technology offers multiple benefits from an ecological and economic viewpoint, not to mention the significant improvement it brings to the user experience.

iSSL+ des sentiers du Wellen Park de jour

A Thoughtfully Designed Solar Lighting Solution for the Wellen Park in Florida

Nestled in the picturesque town of Venice in Sarasota County, Florida, Wellen Park stands out with its modern urban development and community planning. Its top-rated trails provide a haven for residents, making them an integral part of the community. Wellen Park developers went for SOL by Sunna Design’s cutting-edge lighting solutions to enhance the […]

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Tapachula, Mexique

Solar Lighting in Mexico: a Ray of Hope in the Migration Crisis

Between 2019 and 2021, in collaboration with Schneider Electric, and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), over 130 Sunna Design’s iSSL Maxi Road solar streetlights were installed for a solar public lighting project in Tapachula, Mexico. This country faced two key challenges: a strained social context, partially related to migration flows, and […]

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Éclairage solaire du parc à chien vu d'en haut.
Catarroja, Espagne

Solar Lighting at the Service of all City Infrastructures

Catarroja is a Spanish town located in the south of Valencia. In the past, the municipality had built several dog parks so residents could walk their pets pleasantly. However, while these parks were appreciated by the residents of Catarroja and their companions, they lacked a lot of lighting. The The municipality approached Sunna Design […]

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Valence, Espagne

The winning bet of solar road lighting

After the completion of several projects that have met all the expectations of both residents and operations managers, the municipality of Valencia, Spain and Sunna Design continue their successful collaboration on the solar street lighting of the city. The ministry of territorial policy, public works and mobility did not hesitate to contact Sunna Design’s […]

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