Eclairage d'un terrain de tenis à Sarasota avec des lampadaires solaires

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Solar lighting for park and recreational area: ecological and economic enhancement


Parks, gardens, squares, playgrounds, sports fields, game courts, solar lighting solves the lighting deficits of many public spaces. Lack of network, aging electrical installations, land constraints, the solar street lamp answers all problems by offering a powerful, reliable and sustainable lighting, adapted to each practice.



Lampadaire solaire qui éclaire une aire De Jeu à Saint Pierre Amilly

A range of solar streetlight for every public lighting need


Each public space requires specific lighting. For parks, gardens and squares, Sunna Design offers a range of solar street lamps with an intelligent lighting system providing night-time safety to walkers while respecting the surrounding biodiversity.


Sports fields have other lighting needs. For playgrounds and game courts, Sunna Design offers solar streetlights with extensive optics to limit glare, neutral color temperature and adapted light height, all for an optimal experience of leisure sports.

Remote control
Resistance to extreme climates
Plug and play
Valence, Espagne

The winning bet of solar road lighting

After the completion of several projects that have met all the expectations of both residents and operations managers, the municipality of Valencia, Spain and Sunna Design continue their successful collaboration on the solar street lighting of the city. The ministry of territorial policy, public works and mobility did not hesitate to contact Sunna Design’s […]

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Candélabres solaires autonomes Saint Pierre d’Amilly
Saint-Pierre-d'Amilly, France

Illuminating rural areas with autonomous solar-powered streetlamps

Park and recreation Saint Pierre d’Amilly, FRANCE UP2, UP4 Dual Light as a social engine Saint Pierre d’Amilly at the forefront As part of the lighting of two isolated areas, the municipality tested Sunna Design products installed by the company Solaire 17 for two years, autonomous solar street […]

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Energie solaire pour une académie de tennis en Floride
Sarasota, États-Unis

Supply solar energy to a tennis academy

In Florida, tennis players train on the courts using solar energy captured during the day by our intelligent and connected solar lighting solutions. Park and recreation Sarasota, FLORIDA, US iSSL Maxi 4 In Florida, tennis players train on the courts using […]

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Eclairage solaire urbain d'un parc à Campeche au Mexique
Campeche, Mexique

Autonomous solar lighting solution for a protected and UNESCO-labelled site

A reliable and robust autonomous solar lighting solution, particularly suitable for area lighting such as inCampeche.Following the election of a new Governor in the State of Campeche in southern Mexico, the government initiated a policy of major works to improve and modernize the existing infrastructure, which must respect the unique architecture of the city […]

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