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Solar lighting for bus stop and shelter: comfort and safety for users


Public lighting is used to make the infrastructures of o city or a village safe and usable. Passenger stops are places of passage, waiting, reference points along the route of a means of transportation, all functions requiring good quality lighting. Efficient, reliable, economical and sustainable, solar solutions answer this recurring need of municipalities.




Lampadaire solaire pour abri bus et arrêt voyageur

Choosing solar lighting for bus shelters


Solar lighting is a reliable alternative to traditional public lighting. Independent from the electrical network, it operates thanks to an unlimited energy and guarantees continuous service all year round.


Solar lighting is an economical alternative. Working thanks to the transformation of light radiation into energy, the electricity bill for lighting passenger stops is reduced to zero. The installation of solar street lamps is very fast and doesn’t require any trenching, grading or connection work, the stop remaining operational. This technology is particularly indicated in remote and non-electrified areas where the lighting of bus shelters represents a long and costly project.


Powered by a clean energy, solar lighting stands out as an alternative in line with the challenges of the sustainable development. Solar-powered passenger stops contribute to the construction of the eco-responsible city of tomorrow.

Remote control
Resistance to extreme climates
Plug and play
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