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Solar lighting for paths and crosswalks: enhanced safety for pedestrians


The lighting of pedestrian walkways is a specific challenge for public lighting. Crosswalk, country lane, seaside promenade, paths used by foot require lighting capable of adapting to all terrains, powerful without being dazzling, safe so that the paths remain accessible at night without lighting unnecessarily. This is what autonomous lighting allows.



Eclairage public d'un passage piéton à Lacanau avec un lampadaire solaire

The intelligent lighting solution for all paths


Solar street lamps can illuminate the most varied areas. Crosswalk on a concrete road, walkway on a sandy soil, path on an uneven ground, autonomous street lights can be installed anywhere in a few minutes, without trenching work or network connection. Even far away from the main roads, paths are easily illuminated thanks to solar solutions. Their simplified logistic avoid major work and therefore also disturbing users of paths and crosswalks.


Entirely autonomous, Sunna Design’s solar streetlights are equipped with on-board intelligence to manage very precisely the lighting of crosswalks and paths, in particular by adapting the luminous flux power thanks to the detection of walkers: a beneficial feature for the safety of users, the control of energy expenses and the respect of the environment.

Remote control
Resistance to extreme climates
Plug and play
Eclairage public solaire sur un petit chemin en zone rural à Tournefeuille, Toulouse
Tournefeuille, France

Solar street lamps for public lighting of the greenways

The City of Tournefeuille, west of Toulouse, has recently created an additional cycle route in its municipality, with the aim of improving the network of its cycle paths and in particular to connect them to the city’s high school. In order to carry out this project and in coherence with its energy and ecological […]

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Lampadaire solaire pour une zone d'école à l'ENSAP à Talence
Talence, France

Renovation of the Bordeaux School of Architecture

The National Superior School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux has taken advantage of the State Recovery Plan to begin the renovation work on its pyramid, an iconic construction, as well as to improve the energy performance of several of its buildings. Sunna Design has been contacted for its expertise in solar energy in […]

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Eclairage solaire de la baie d'Acapulco au Mexique
Acapulco, Mexique

Solar Lighting in Acapulco Bay

Zonatur Acapulco is an urbanism agency in charge of ensuring adequate infrastructures and services in the tourist areas of Acapulco municipality. Street lighting is part of its remit and it has been the source of many challenges in the past years due to operational issues. Paths and crosswalks Acapulco, MEXICO […]

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Lampadaire public solaire en bord de mer à Safi au Maroc
Safi, Maroc

Safi beach, enjoy the seaside at any time

Along the shore of Morocco, Safi beach faces the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. It is a meeting point for the inhabitants of the nearby city and for tourists who come to enjoy its tranquility. In order for this relaxing place to remain accessible after dark, several Sunna Design streetlights were installed in record time. […]

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