Eclairage solaire public d'une route à Longboat en Floride

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Solar lighting for road and street : autonomous and intelligent streetlights


Efficient public lighting is essential for the comfort and safety of road users. Streets and roads require lighting adapted to their specificities. Just as reliable, easier to install and less costly than a traditional system, solar lighting meets all lighting requirements. Guaranteed without blackout and infinitely configurable, Sunna Design’s solar street light are robust and all-terrain installations. From the path of a Balearic Island to a highway in Colombia via a road in Florida in a hurricane zone, Sunna Design’s solar street lighting adapts to all needs.



Eclairage solaire routier à Renishall Hills en Afrique

A solar street lamp adapted to each type of road


Solar lighting has many applications and can light any type of road: paths, city and village streets, urban and interurban roads, highways, traffic circles.


Solar street lights offer a level of illumination and uniformity in accordance with current road safety standards. In the city, solar street lighting replaces aging urban equipment at a lower cost and contributes to the construction of the city of tomorrow, eco-responsible and connected. In rural or remote areas, solar technology offers a lighting solution for even non-electrified roads, and contributes to the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.


The solar technology developed by Sunna Design offers particularly powerful LED lighting modules, with the best lumen/watt ratio on the market. Thanks to its intelligent lighting profile, Sunna Design’s solar street lamp provides the right amount of light and controls energy costs. A remote management system ensures that the road lighting is working properly at all times. Sunna Design has the most complete range of solar streetlights on the market to adapt to all your road and street lighting projects.


Remote control

Resistance to extreme climates

Plug and play

Lubumbashi, République démocratique du Congo

Lubumbashi’s main roads light up with solar street lamps

In 2019, Sunna Design partnered with Congo Energy on a large-scale solar lighting project in the city of Lubumbashi. Through the installation of over 200 solar street lamp units in one of the biggest cities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the project has contributed to the revival of public spaces while integrating […]

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Eclairage public solaire sur un petit chemin en zone rural à Tournefeuille, Toulouse
Tournefeuille, France

Solar street lamps for public lighting of the greenways

The City of Tournefeuille, west of Toulouse, has recently created an additional cycle route in its municipality, with the aim of improving the network of its cycle paths and in particular to connect them to the city’s high school. In order to carry out this project and in coherence with its energy and ecological […]

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Improving living conditions in Uganda thanks to solar street lighting

A French consortium has installed autonomous solar street lighting in Uganda to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. Thanks to 75 high-powered solar streetlights from the EverGen range, the benefits of solar lighting are already being felt in the daily lives of 400,000 inhabitants of the Kampala region. Road and street, […]

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Un éclairage solaire intelligent pour un chantier de construction à Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France

Smart solar lighting for a building site in Bordeaux

Located in South West France, Bordeaux is an attractive city that keeps on developing to face a growing demand for housing and workspace, in a region with strong economical potential and great quality of life. Brazza neighborhood on the right bank of the city […]

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