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Sunna Design’s teams assist you in all stages of you solar street lighting project, from the initial analysis of the project to the monitoring of the solutions’ lifespan, including the installation of the streetlights. Listening to your needs, our experts will guide you towards the most suitable solar solutions, in compliance with current lighting standards and your budget. In addition to a 6-year warranty on the entire product, Sunna Design commits to supporting its clients over time with a responsive and qualified after-sales service. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the company’s concerns, which relies above all on the many times rewarded performance of its products, a dedicated application to guide users from the street lamps installation to the management of the lighting profiles, and a remote management platform offering an overview of the streetlights operation.





Our after-sales policy


Our aim is to offer the best products on the market, fully functional and durable for all our customers. Our products are manufactured with a constant focus on quality. Nevertheless, in case of accidents or failures, Sunna Design will provide full technical support to solve the problems as soon as possible.


We pay particular attention to the satisfaction of our customers throughout the operation of our products.


A 6 year guarantee


Our warranty covers the entire product. For the duration of the warranty, Sunna Design will repair or replace your product if it is found to be defective due to a manufacturing or material defect.


For longer periods of operation, we can accompany you with extended warranties that would be more adapted to your needs.

● 01

A study of the solutions best suited to your needs


Our experts in solar street lighting and our engineers specialised in software and embedded intelligence are at your service to assist you in all stages of your project. We analyse all the criteria and parameters of your project such as the location, the area to be lit, the desired photometry, etc. Then we guide you in the selection of the products best suited to your needs.

● 02

The installation of adapted and efficient lighting


Because each project is unique, our solar lighting experts are here to assist you in carrying out customised lighting studies. These studies are carried out in order to offer you a personalised lighting solution in accordance with the standards in force while respecting your budget.

● 03

Optimal and compliant operation


For each solar street lighting project, we carry out a complete simulation of the operation of your product during a typical year at the installation site. This simulation is carried out by our expert engineers in photovoltaic solar energy using simulation software developed in partnership with CEA-INES, a reference research laboratory in this field. In order to guarantee a level of accuracy in line with real-life situations, we integrate a statistical meteorological database with data recorded over the last ten years from all over the world into this software.

● 04

Long-term support and follow-up


We make it a point to accompany our customers from the conception of their solar lighting projects to the installation of our solar street lamps. We provide regular follow-up, even after the projects are completed. Our remote monitoring tools allow us to monitor the performance of the products and to intervene to regulate certain functions if necessary.

accompanies you


01 ●  Support for installation and commissioning


02 ●  Monitoring and history of performance


03 ●  Management of lighting profiles


04 ●  Registration and park management

Remote management

This web platform provides access to the data collected by the SunnAPP and has an overview of the installed fleet.

Our policy



The objective is to offer the best performing products on the market, adapted to the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and use. All products are rigorously tested before shipping. Guaranteed quality and reliability and obtained ISO 9001-2015 certification.

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