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The winning bet of solar road lighting


After completing several projects that have met all the expectations of both residents and operations managers, the municipality of Valencia, Spain, and Sunna Design continue their successful collaboration on the solar street lighting of the city. The Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works, and Mobility did not hesitate to contact Sunna Design’s teams to study the viability of a solar road lighting project.


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    Valence – SPAIN

  EverGen L

image EverGen face installé sur le côté droit de la route

One Road Lighting for three goals: safety, energy management, and ecology


In Valencia, the CV-35/Godella traffic circle section of the road CV-31 does not have public lighting. In order to improve the safety of this road, the Ministry of Territorial Policy of Valencia asked Sunna Design and the ETRA group to develop a lighting system.


The overall objective was to take a new step in the energy efficiency project initiated in October 2015, it was essential that the selected public lighting solution met three key criteria: the levels and quality of road lighting prescribed by the regulation on the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting (royal decree 1890/2008 of November 14), the reduction of electricity consumption thanks to the new led lighting technologies, and finally the reduction of CO2 emissions and light pollution through the use of cleaner and more sustainable energy.

plan large de la route montrant pluisuers produits éclairés.

A Solution to all the Problems of Road Lighting: the Solar Streetlight


The solar street lamp quickly emerged as the answer to all the criteria established by the ministry in charge of the maintenance of public lighting on the roads of Valencia. From a technical point of view, the autonomous streetlight allows the lighting of the CV-31 road without waiting and with a minimum impact on traffic, requiring no civil engineering work but simple foundation work. This system also allows consideration of a future widening of the road in the context of which the solar streetlights will only have to be moved, the whole lighting system being reusable (no pipes, wiring, control panels, etc.). From an energy point of view, the photovoltaic street lamp reduces the electricity bill to zero, while providing lighting powered by clean energy in line with the sustainable development objectives of the city of Valencia.


After studying the needs of road CV-31 in terms of street lighting, Sunna Design’s teams developed a customized solar lighting project adapted to road lighting standards. 38 intelligent street lamps from the EverGen range were deployed along the section of road concerned, on 7-meter high masts with a 28-meter spacing, to guarantee a constant illumination of 15 lux and a lighting uniformity greater than 0,40.

Sunna Design’s solar solutions have once again convinced the municipality of Valencia for their unequaled reliability, their 6-year warranty on the entire product, not to mention their sober and elegant design. The EverGen range, equipped with the new generation of SunnaCORE technology, offers high-power lighting suitable for road safety. All Sunna Design streetlights are equipped with a patented electronic card called SunnaCORE, whose algorithms allow for ensuring lighting continuity thanks to their anti-blackout function, particularly valuable in winter when solar irradiation is less important.


By choosing Sunna Design’s solar technology once again, Valencia was able to equip its road with a reliable and sustainable street lighting system in record time, for the safety and comfort of users of its roads.

  • image EverGen face installé sur le côté droit de la route
  • plan large de la route montrant pluisuers produits éclairés.


Valence, Espagne
Mairie de Valence
Product(s) used



Which products for this field of application ?

    Road and street Parking lot General Area Road and street
    EverGen-L is a high-powered solar-powered street light designed to light up your major projects: main and secondary roads, avenues and boulevards, large car parks. Fully configurable, with many options, the EverGen will provide you with powerful lighting for many applications. The product is delivered in kit form for quick and easy on-site assembly, in less than 30 minutes per kit.   Do you have a similar project or any other project ? Talk to our sales team!  
    Lampadaire solaire Sunna Design Evergen L blanc Lampadaire solaire haute puissance marron EverGen

    Specifications EverGen

    Lighting power
    3,300 to 26,400 lumens
    20 to 150 W max (or 2 x 80W max)
    Lighting efficiency
    Up to 175 lm/W
    Color temperature options
    2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    110.000 hours
    * Available with motion sensor
    Photovoltaic panels
    Photovoltaïc modules (Monocrystalline silicon)
    150, 290 or 320 Wp
    > 20 years at 80% of initial power
    Battery LiFePO4
    676Wh, 845Wh, 1105Wh, 1352Wh, 1775Wh, 2028Wh, 2534 Wh
    Operating temperature range
    -20°C to + 60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
    >10 years
    Battery NiMH
    480Wh, 960Wh
    Operating temperature range
    -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
    >10 years
    150Wp : 0.29 m² (15°) / 0.56 m² (30°) / 0.86 m² (50°) - 290Wp : 0.50 m² (15°) / 0.97 m² (30°) / 1.5 m² (50°) - 350Wp : 0.60 m² (15°) / 1.16 m² (30°) / 1.79 m² (50°)
    Recommended diameter of mast end: 89 mm, External diameter of solar motor sleeve: 76 mm
    Weight (without pole)
    From 80 kg

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