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About solar lighting   March 2023


Color customization on solar LED lamp posts


Most of the time, our reputation is enough to win the demanding markets. We now offer the additional argument of respecting a color reference.

Custom color integration for stand-alone solar street lights: A new era in urban design


Most of the time, our technical reputation and ability to reach deadlines are key to win new customers. Lately, color customization came up as a request we address with ease.


It took decades and a visionary like Steve Jobs to be able to choose the color of a personal computer. For many years, Sunna Design mainly focused on tech components, design, processes and delivering the most capable autonomous solar LED lamp posts in… white. Even if it had no direct impact on temperature management, white polycarbonate was then the color of choice to make new lighting equipment neatly blend in most environments. Then, our technologies went to a price point that matched with the requirements of large residential projects.




In the U.S., 85% of residential zones lamp posts are of a darker shade. RAL 8019 is the de facto standard for these applications. Our latest projects in Florida had to match county’s construction code color requirements. So we devised a way to embed color customization right in our production proccess.





Sunna Design colors public lighting with its solar solutions


We offer two ways to address custom color specifications. Low volumes production (from 6 units up) can be thermo covered before assembly in flat or glossy hues. Larger orders (from 350 units up) are molded in the specified color reference for even more durability. As an extra, it has a marginal impact of production delays, never exceeding a week even on large orders.


We also convert custom color production to standard references so replacements and extensions can be managed swiftly.



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