A very potent solution

A very potent solution


What’s more predictable than a tequila factory in Mexico? An autonomous solar lighting system that delivers both a secure environment and savings.

Strict environmental imperatives

Don Julio solar lighting

DIAGEO is a long-time beverage industry player that has been producing the first quality blue agave « Don Julio » tequila since 1942. Like many other high-end companies, DIAGEO has heavily invested in reducing its environmental impact to reach UN-issued goals. They managed to cut their CO2 emissions down 44.7% since 2007 and do a lot to offset their energy consumption.

DIAGEO was looking to upgrade the perimeter lighting of its Don Julio  production plant in Mexico​ with the best technology possible while asking for a way to create minimal disruption on site.

An optimized photometric study

Don Julio solar lighting

Sunna Design’s partner ​DV Ingenieria​ has devised and installed a solution that checks all marks. It is based on an extended photometric study that involves 27-feet high posts equipped with ​Sunna Design​ iSSL Maxi 4 fitted with «narrow road» optic units. Each post lights about 120 feet of fencing with at least 8 lux of focused LED beam. As the system is autonomous and 100% fed with renewable photovoltaic energy, it is highly tunable. For instance, the full system turns on @100% for three hours after sunset and one hour before dawn. It reduces down @40% power for the rest of the night to reduce its impact on the environment and fauna life but it’s sensors are able to bring up each post power to 200% (14 lux) in case they sense unusual movements in the vicinity.

The system serves adequately DIAGEO’s goals that declares itself impressed by the lighting power of its solar autonomous LED lighting system.

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iSSL Maxi4

Lighting power
6,400 to 11,200* lumens
40 W to 80* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

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Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Zone lighting

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