Safi beach, enjoying the seaside day and night

Safi beach, enjoying the seaside day and night


Along the shore of Morocco, Safi beach faces the deep blue Atlantic Ocean. It is a meeting point for the inhabitants of the nearby city and for tourists who come to enjoy its tranquility. In order for this relaxing place to remain accessible after dark, several Sunna Design streetlights were installed in record time.

Quick installation in a sandy environment

Located outside the city center, Safi beach is surrounded by a natural environment where the sand dominates and even reaches the paths. It is in this sandy soil that the municipality of Safi needed to rollout a reliable and quickly operational public lighting system.


With their full autonomy and simplified logistics, Sunna Design solar solutions adapted easily to the constraints of the site. These off-grid plug & play streetlamps assemble in minutes and are ready to use straight away.


By avoiding disturbing passersby with long works on the roads and paths, by allowing holidaymakers to enjoy the beach day and night from the beginning of the summer season, Sunna Design fulfills Safi municipality specifications.

Improved security and sober design

For the comfort and safety of its inhabitants as well as tourists, Safi city was looking for a reliable public lighting equipment along the beach. With their no blackout guarantee all year round, Sunna Design solar solutions meet another of Safi’s requirements.


iSSL Maxi 4 streetlamps were chosen for this project, robust and powerful stand-alone solar lighting solutions, with smart in-built electronic which makes it possible to detect the presence of walkers, among many other features.


Sunna Design 50 iSSL Maxi 4 streetlights were assembled on blue poles, in harmony with the existing street furniture and blending perfectly with the sky and sea, to respect the beauty of this natural setting.

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iSSL Maxi4

Lighting power
6,400 to 11,200* lumens
40 W to 80* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Zone lighting

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