Solarize and power the lighting of advertising billboards

Solarize and power the lighting of advertising billboards

The Rise On STATION is Sunna Design's solar motor designed to power our customers' electrical equipment

Democratic Republic of Congo

At Sunna Design, we take up the challenge of solarizing and powering the lighting of billboard advertising panels on sites where the grid connection is impossible. With this open but completely secure solar solution, we are responding to vandalism problems.


Lighting billboards in rural areas

Completely independent from the electricity grid, this autonomous solar lighting solution works sustainably with a reliable, innovative, and secure design dimension.

The power and uniformity of the lighting allow advertising messages to be read optimally in night conditions.

At Sunna Design, we are committed to a guarantee of continuous operation from a base of high-performance LED modules applicable to all types of formats.

Powering electrical equipment with our Rise On range

The Rise On range is available for two offers. The Rise On STATION and Rise On ELEMENTS.

The Rise On STATION is Sunna Design’s solar motor designed to power our customers’ electrical equipment, offering the possibility of management from a monitoring platform. With all the technological know-how developed by Sunna Design, these all-in-one solutions, reliable and efficient, make all equipment autonomous, such as:

  • WiFi hotspots, IP cam;
  • Billboards;
  • Radars;
  • USB terminals;
  • Concentrators and communication gateways.

As part of the billboards deployment carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our partner Congo Energie chose our Rise On STATION solution.

The updating of the lighting profiles is controlled by an embedded intelligence, without any alteration of the equipment. The design of the solution dedicated to the lighting of advertising billboards is designed to eliminate the notion of vandalism.

Besides, Sunna LED modules, equipped with specific high-efficiency optics, diffuse an uniform light. Remote control of the system allows our customers to obtain an analysis of the exposure data of the advertising panels illuminated by our lighting solutions.


Multiple advantages for outdoor advertisers

The advantages of these new solar lighting solutions for urban billboards are many:

  • they considerably increase the value of the sites equipped with our Rise On solution;
  • the compactness of the lighting modules drastically reduces the LED lantern visual interference;
  • Rise On also has a unique resistance to strong thermal variations.
  • This easy-to-deploy solution provides clean, resilient power for different types of applications and is continuously available 365 days a year;
  • the durability of the perfect lighting for 12 years can be used even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

Finally, depending on our customers’ needs, the embedded intelligence of our solutions measures and analyses data allowing them to adapt a specific configuration and anticipate maintenance if any problem is detected.

Rise On is available in two versions: an all-in-one tamper-proof format – Rise On Station-, or an OEM kit for custom integration – Rise On Elements-. The Rise On solution is interoperable with a connected network and runs on open protocols.

Sunna design offers a Rise On “starter kit” to all its customers and partners to easily experiment with this technology.

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Rise On

Photovoltaïc panels
Monocrystalline silicon
50 Wc or 80 Wc
Top mounting Ø60 mm

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Closed Circuit Television


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