Solving an island region’s challenges with solar street lighting

Solving an island region’s challenges with solar street lighting

Solving an island region’s challenges with solar street lighting, Mayotte, France

Archipelago of the Indian Ocean located between the coast of Mozambique and Madagascar, Mayotte is a French overseas department particularly famous for its seabed. The territory has all the geographical advantages of an island as well as the problems inherent to this type of region. Energy development is one of its challenges, which the local company EDM and Sunna Design accompanied together in 2016.

Consequences of inadequate street lighting in Mayotte

For the director of EDM (Electricity of Mayotte) the observation is clear: the archipelago suffers from an obvious deficit in public lighting. The feeling of insecurity and the delinquency present on the island are direct consequences of this lack of light in the streets and other community living spaces.


As for the existing street lighting system, it is too energy-consuming and contributes to Mayotte’s difficulties in terms of energy development. The insularity, the annual rate of electricity consumption, the overexploitation of the network, are all factors that push the managers and the companies of the energy sector to find innovative solutions to better light the island.

The solar partnership of EDM and Sunna Design

An eco-citizen company, committed to finding sustainable solutions for both people and the planet, EDM called on Sunna Design to help design an economical and ecological lighting system for the streets of Mayotte.


It all started with a pilot project, initiated by EDM for its own premises, a way to introduce local communities and institutions of the island to how solar lighting works and how it can be a suitable answer to the lack of street lights in Mayotte.


EDM ordered about twenty street lamps from the iSSL range, of which eight were destined for the parking lot of its headquarters in Kawéni. For 60 days, this life-size test allowed Mayotte’s decision-makers to observe the efficiency of the led solar street lamps. The 2000m2 surface is perfectly illuminated by the eight street lights, making this solar parking lot a clear demonstration of the capacities of autonomous lighting to accompany the archipelago’s challenges.

A successful test for photovoltaic street lighting of an island

The experiment conducted by EDM and Sunna Design proves once again that the solar street lamp is a solution to many public lighting problems. The advantage of solar lighting is not one but many, especially for an island. The solar pole doesn’t require connection to the grid, the installation time and the cost of works are reduced, and a saving of 80% can be achieved in energy consumption, compared to a traditional lighting system.


Sunna Design’s intelligent street light allows to modulate the light intensity of the street lamps, lighting at full power when needed while saving energy at off-peak hours. By choosing Sunna Design, EDM also bets on a technology with a 6-year warranty, on a powerful and reliable lighting system adapted to even the most extreme climates, already tried-and-tested in many countries around the world.


Given the success of this test and in order to help Mayotte’s mayors to finance the cost of a solar street light, more expensive to purchase but very quickly more profitable, state aids have been put in place. It is expected that the capital Mamoudzou will benefit from this solar technology as a priority, in order to quickly regain good lighting of its public roads and a greater safety.

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