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News   25 January 2024

Solar Intelligence by Sunna Design


At Sunna Design, our identity is firmly rooted in three fundamental pillars that guide our approach and vision for excellent solar public lighting. These pillars are the foundation upon which our commitment and ambition to illuminate and connect the world sustainably with the free and renewable energy of the sun are built.

Innovation as Our DNA


The first pillar of Sunna Design’s identity is innovation. We believe in the power of innovation to transform the landscape of public lighting. We have developed a strong and proven technological platform. Our mastery of electronics, energy management, lighting, and connectivity ensures that our solar streetlights are at the forefront of technology.


We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions in the market, from compact all-in-one solutions ideal for urban environments to high-power offerings for large-area lighting; we have a solution for every need.


Local Engagement


We create a strong ecosystem of local partners wherever we operate, allowing us to understand your specific needs and offer you a highly personalized service tailored to your local challenges.


Our solutions go beyond the present; they also allow us to address tomorrow’s challenges, such as autonomy, relocalization, and the reappropriation of energy production. Our goal is to revitalize regions through our connected services, such as giving communities the ability to supervise and manage their solar lighting installations efficiently.


An Impactful and Responsible Model


One essential characteristic distinguishing Sunna Design’s solutions is their positive environmental and societal impact. We are committed to actively contributing to protecting the planet and improving the living conditions of local communities.


Contributing to a Better Future with Solar Intelligence


Sunna Design’s mission is clear: to illuminate and connect the world sustainably through solar intelligence. This means that for a better future, we are committed to considering the concerns of society and all our stakeholders: users, customers, influencers, employees…



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