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About solar lighting   14 February 2023


Solar street lighting at the heart of the environmental & social impact of territories


Since its beginning in 2011, Sunna Design has committed to a dynamic of virtuous growth, in line with the objectives of sustainable development. Clean energies are our future, and Sunna Design strives to democratize the use of solar energy by deploying its solutions across the world, based on an innovative technology made in France and protected by numerous patents.

Eclairage solaire d'un rond point en Colombie

Sunna Design solar street lamps: a sustainable and economical solution for public lighting


About 115 000 solar street lamps have already been put into operation by the company, often replacing old and energy-consuming electric lighting systems. Sunna Design’s solar streetlights turn out to be less expensive to install than streetlamps connected to the electric grid, and have a lower operational cost thanks to the use of a free and unlimited energy provided by the sun.


Beyond optimizing the natural and renewable energy of the sun for the public lighting of cities, villages, roads and suburban areas, Sunna Design’s street lamps are able to store solar energy thanks to a technology specific to its equipment. In so doing, they save energy for both an efficient and measured lighting operation, as attentive to populations’ needs as to nature preservation. Indeed, Sunna Design’s intelligent lighting system offers long-lasting and easy-to-implement solutions to preserve biodiversity while limiting light pollution.


The environmental concerns of Sunna Design range from lighting conception to equipment maintenance via its lifespan, optimized thanks to an on-board technology allowing to preserve the battery. The company designs its street lamps right down to their recyclability. The electronic card is 100% recyclable, as well as the plastic or metals used for the design of several components of the streetlights.


An actor of the green economy, Sunna Design chooses suppliers committed to the same process of developing sustainable materials, and works directly with recycling players all over the world.


The synergy between solar power, energy storage and LED lighting of Sunna Design’s autonomous street lights, resistant to extreme environments, makes it possible to answer major challenges of the developing countries, in which a great number of people still live without any access to electricity as well as to the safety, social and economic benefits of public lighting.





Sunna Design brings light to thousands of rural villages


The company deploys its solutions in particular in Africa, where many territories suffer from fuel poverty. Along with the governments and humanitarian organizations, Sunna Design contributes to improving the living conditions of millions of inhabitants by bringing public solar lighting solutions to sometimes very remote areas.


In 2020, Sunna Design participates to the humanitarian project 20by2020, initiated by the Zayed Sustainability Prize, and deploys its street lamps in an Egyptian village where 3500 residents can now enjoy the social, economic and environmental benefits of a reliable and sustainable solar lighting system. Night lighting notably allows children to play safely in the streets and stores to stay open later.


In 2021, Sunna Design wins a 40 million euro contract to deploy public lighting in Togo. Its solar solutions will be installed across 12.000 villages and will allow 500.000 rural households to have access to electricity. These solar street lighting projects have a major impact on populations’ daily life and modernization of the countries concerned.


Humanistic values are at the origin of the creation of the company 10 years ago, and continue to guide Sunna Design teams in their daily commitment to build a fairer and cleaner world thanks to solar energy.

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