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News   March 2023


Sunna Design develops its network of partners entitled to take action on its solutions!

As part of the strengthening of its network of partners around the world, Sunna Design is training local teams in all areas where its lights are installed, through its Sunna Design Academy.


This network of technicians, trained and authorized to work on its products, allows to provide a quick response to the customers’ needs. In this way, Sunna Design aims to offer a range of services throughout the lifetime of its products, close to the customers and with highly qualified partners.


Through this service offer, its local partners can provide overall product maintenance, inventory of existing solar streetlights, cleaning of the components requiring the most care such as solar panels, or even updating of the embedded software, for instance to modify the lighting profiles.



A three-day training to understand the solutions


During a three-day training, Sunna Design offers its local partners to go into details of its whole range of products, novelties and innovations, specific to its solar lighting solutions.


The main objective is to well understand the energy management features related to the electronic board – the SunnaCore© – and its associated patents. This EMS (Energy Management System) is the heart of the product. It guarantees that the battery is charged safely and according to a protocol, adapted to ensure its longevity. It also controls the discharge of the battery during the night and the dynamic adaptative pattern of the lighting, in order to guarantee lighting at night, all year round.


The training also teaches the technicians  to analyze the different product states thanks to three LED indicators visible from the ground. A color code allows reading of the LED, leading to perform a first diagnosis of operation or alert, and thus estimating the state of the solar generator without need of intervention.





Thanks to the SunnAPP mobile application, communicating with the product is quick and easy, as well as monitoring the different alarms over its lifetime, and tracing the history of the last days on nearly 27 internal measurement points !


Although Sunna Design products have an extremely low failure rate (less than 0,05%), these trained teams are able to replace any component very quickly, thanks to standardized protocols and a stock of dedicated spare parts, an additional guarantee of reliability.


A visit to the assembly line of this Factory of the Future is included in the training and allows the local partners to understand all the mechanical, electrical and electronic issues involved within the solar solutions, at the cutting edge of technological innovation.


The training also covers the after-sales services, allowing a greater level of autonomy in collecting information, confirming a proven technical failure, and providing the customer with initial answers, all of which with Sunna Design’s support.


The objective here is a full management of the customer service, from diagnosis to repairs, as well as a preventive maintenance of the solutions, confirming an expert position on the market.





Eliteam Energy, a local partner trained by Sunna Design


As part of this advanced technical training, teams from Eliteam Energy, a company specializing in the production, transport and distribution of energy and a member of the Eliteam Group, were able to spend three days at the factory, exchanging and interacting with Sunna Design’s team, and thus acquire a detailed knowledge of the solar solutions.


Eliteam Energy, particularly present in French Guiana, mainland France and the Ivory Coast, is now able to have a better understanding of the products installed in its areas and to offer associated services locally. Congratulations to its team !


Want to get involved in the adventure yourself? Do not hesitate to contact Sunna Design.

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