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News   March 2023


VIDEO : Discover our ‘Factory of the Future’

Our factory of the future is the human being augmented by technology


We integrated augmented reality to our production line of solar lighting solutions.


Technological innovation has always been an integral part of Sunna Design’s DNA. Therefore, we decided to invest in the development of a brand new factory which allows us to improve our production process and to integrate all key stages for a digital transformation. The company Immersion, a european leader in virtual reality, augmented reality and collaborative solutions, was chosen to design our ‘Factory of the Future’ within the research project SystemSol, funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.


Thanks to digital technology, Sunna is able to increase tenfold its production capacity. The aim is to achieve 100 000 products capacity every year by helping our teams produce faster and in better working conditions.


“For us, it has always been key to create a pilot production line with equally innovative processes in order to design high-volume products, to fit market volumes and to keep our production in France.” explains Raphaël Baillot, Sunna Design’s R&D and Innovation Director.

The concept of Sunna’s new factory is based on three main aspects determining the « Industry of the future project » : to develop a technological offer, to support the digital transformation and to effectively train all employees.


Discover in video the uses and benefits of Augmented Reality and collaborative solutions developed by Immersion for Sunna Design!

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