A mosque and a playground that can be used at night

A mosque and a playground that can be used at night

 In Keur Massar municipality, Senegal, east of Dakar, an area consisting of a mosque, a playground for children and shops, can now be visited day and night, thanks to the implementation of Sunna Design’s solar lighting solutions.


Socio-economic impact of the installation of solar street lights

An efficient public lighting service has numerous benefits, well beyond practical advantages. This is what happened to the residents of a district in Keur Massar, who can now take advantage of the full potential of their facilities.


Sunna Design’s solar solutions were rolled-out in an area where a mosque, a playground and some shops lacked public lighting. Thanks to these street lamps, the neighborhood’s inhabitants rediscover life at night, having the opportunity to go safely to the mosque as well as to use slides and acrobatic circuits at any time.


Installing a solar lighting system also has an economic impact. The site preparation, handling and assembly work of the lights created local employment. The shops located in the street around the mosque square can now remain open even after dark, thus generating bigger incomes.

Tried and tested technology in the service of a frequented public space

Sunna Design’s solar solutions have long proven their performance and gained international recognition, especially in Africa where these street lamps are widely implemented. With their resistance to extreme temperatures, these equipments appeal to many countries of the continent such as Senegal, which benefits from a very high rate of sunshine.


30 iSSL Maxi and 30 iSSL Maxi4 street lamps are now illuminating Keur Massal’s district. There were rolled-out in record time to allow inhabitants to get their comfort and security back as soon as possible. With their anti-blackout guarantee 12 months a year, these street lights are a reliable and lasting solar solution that the residents of Keur Massar can count on.


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iSSL Maxi4

Lighting power
6,400 to 11,200* lumens
40 W to 80* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Zone lighting

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