Solar Road Lighting in Colombia

Solar Road Lighting in Colombia

Road Lighting

Road Lighting, Colombia

Few years ago, Colombia launched a national modernization program for its main roads through the National Agency of Infrastructures (ANI). This government body has just implemented a new investment plan which aims to upgrade road infrastructures and to introduce 4G highways in the country.


The context

In order to respond to the increasing need for highly performing road networks, a key road section of the Huila department recently benefited from significant modernization works.

As part of this renovation project, several roads and roundabouts required a powerful, sustainable and efficient lighting to provide proper safety to all road users at night.

The solution

Sunna Design and its local partners’ efforts in proposing adequate solutions for this project concretized with the implementation of solar street light products which demonstrate all of Sunna Design’s technology and know-how.

The iSSL Maxi Road and Maxi 4 ranges were selected. They offer powerful and homogeneous lighting which deliver high safety levels on roads and roundabouts based on regulatory norms.

The professionals in charge of this modernization project are highly satisfied with the performance of installed solutions and have therefore decided to add new products on surrounding access roads leading to roundabouts.

The iSSL Maxi Road range is equipped with a proprietary and patented management system, the “Smart Lighting Management”, which guarantees lighting throughout the year regardless of weather conditions.

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