Solar & connected urban lighting

Solar & connected urban lighting

Deploy dynamic and connected solar street lighting in the city center of a metropolis


Objective: provide an alternative to urban lighting with autonomous and interconnected solar streetlights.

Traditional solution: electric streetlights connected to the grid

Given the shaded environment and the need for interoperability with the global public lighting control network, only streetlamps connected to the electricity grid have so far met the requirements of local authorities.

Today, these obsolete networks are complicated to renovate given the urban environment of the Mériadeck district in Bordeaux.

That’s why the Bordeaux Metropole experts wanted to test Sunna Design’s intelligent and connected solar lighting solutions.
Indeed, the street lighting fixtures installed in this district are energy consuming and inefficient. They do not anticipate the challenges inherent to the smart and sustainable city.

Also, solar lighting is recommended only in municipalities on the outskirts of metropolitan areas with non-existent or minimal grid.

Ensure the same level of lighting, secure public areas, measure performance, be interoperable

Challenges for Sunna Design:

Ensure the same level of lighting functionality as a grid connected lights in a highly urbanized environment where solar radiation is limited.

Secure public area illuminated by contextual lighting behavior and by a group of streetlights.

Measure performance of streetights in real-time and adapt their functional profiles according to local constraints.

Be interoperable with the local authority management platform used to manage the whole urban facilities and networked streetlights in a metropolis.


Sunna Design solutions:

– A predictive algorithm running into its “BMS” (Battery Management System) allows streetlights consumption to be anticipated and adjustment to local conditions to ensure the expected functionality.

– Same group solar streetlights are interconnected to simultaneously light up

– The operation status of each system and its charge history are available in real-time by pairing a mobile phone to streetlight via Bluetooth.

– An autonomous mesh network allows the connectivity of solar streetlights, thus inducing automatic synchronization. This Interconnection between Sunna Design’s solutions guarantees redundancy of the signal in case of one failing. It therefore ensures resilience and continuity of the service.

– The local grid network offers another advantage: transmission of operating data from autonomous solar streetlights in an open data format. Benefit for local community is to use this data and interact with these systems.

the ideal solution for connected urban lighting that meets the challenges of the smart and sustainable city.

Local and regional authorities can enjoy an alternative to their grid connected lighting with products of the iSSL range.

These intelligent and connected solar streetlights meet public lighting needs for each and every area of intertropical countries

Equipped with adjustable LED modules, the iSSL Maxi Road finely adjusts its luminous flux to its environment. These solar streetlights which specifically illuminate roads and streets of all sizes and car parks, are “anti-blackout” proofed and resist extreme climate conditions.

Our mobile application SunnAPP drives our fleet of autonomous and connected streetlights.

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iSSL Maxi Road

Lighting power
3,200 to 5,600* lumens
20 W to 50* W
Lighting efficiency
Up to 164 lm/W

Type(s) d'applications :

Car park solar lighting

Roads & streets solar lighting

Security solar lighting

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