Solar street lighting Gabon’s challenges

Solar street lighting Gabon’s challenges

Autonomous and connected solar street lights irrigate the streets with light

Road lighting project in Gabon, Gabon

In 2018, Gabon, this beautiful developing country has many roads that are not lit, especially in rural areas. According to figures 2018 from Gabon’s Ministry of Water and Energy, the country’s electricity access rate averages 75%. However, this figure conceals huge disparities in electricity coverage between urban and rural areas. In rural areas, the electrification rate is around 35% compared to about 80% in urban areas. Most roads in the country have little or no lighting and the operational cost of traditional lamps is too high. 

Installed solar lighting solutions

Aware of the electricity supply deficit, Gabon’s highest authorities have implemented an ambitious energy development programme, particularly in the most remote areas. During his speech to the Nation on December 31, 2017, the Head of State, Ali Bongo Ondimba, announced the installation of 5000 solar street lamps throughout the country for 2018. This project aims not only to reduce the rate of insecurity in the hinterland, but also to boost commercial and industrial activity in the hinterland.

The vast project to install 5000 solar street lamps was aimed to provide public lighting in rural areas and some cities with deficiencies in this area, says an authorized source. With the perspective of implementing a real energy transition through electricity production by renewable energies, which will increase to 80% in 2020 as the Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan (EGP) aims to do.

The Technical Committee selected the iSSL Maxi solar street lamps (from the iSSL range) proposed by Sunna Design.

The products were chosen for their durability, heat resistance and rapid installation, allowing all identified priority areas (areas without public lighting and low voltage circuits) to be covered as quickly as possible.

In addition, the technical committee was particularly impressed by the operating cost, which is totally controlled over the long term, since the products installed require minimal maintenance and no energy costs. To date, more than 2000 iSSL Maxi Roads have been deployed across the country to the delight of local populations. In an interview conducted by Gabon Media Time magazine, the inhabitants of the areas concerned expressed great satisfaction with this solution, which solved the problems of insecurity previously exacerbated by the darkness in which their neighbourhoods were plunged before the installation of the streetlights. Gabon Media Time recounted the example of Annick, a trader in the Cap Caravane district who sees an economic interest in it “it’s a grace, it allows us to sell a little later without being worried”.

The advantages of connected and intelligent solar streetlight lighting solutions


The iSSL Maxi Road is the ideal solar lighting solution to meet the solarization needs of roads in this type of country. A high quality product, guaranteed 6 years with non-hazardous and recyclable batteries. In addition, these products are the most autonomous, reliable and robust on the market. The iSSL Max Road offers unparalleled performance and connected services via the SunnApp mobile application, developed by Sunna Design engineers. Another competitive advantage is that this type of solar street lamp can be installed in less than 10 minutes.


Sunna Design is impacting the lives of more than one million Gabonese citizens through the installation of 2000 intelligent and connected solar streetlights. These solar street lighting solutions contribute to improving the safety and comfort of the inhabitants. Sunna Design empowers the world, challenging the status quo by driving ever more robust and sustainable solar street lighting solutions that bring light to the world’s most remote places such as urban areas in African countries. 2050 iSSL Maxi Road streetlights irrigate the roads and streets of parks and paths to illuminate the lives of our Gabonese friends.

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